P&O 175th Anniversary in Southampton

As I am sure most of you know already yesterday, the 3rd July 2012 P&O cruises held their 175th Anniversay celebrations in the port of Southampton.

All seven ships of the fleet were in Southampton for the day (then heading off own their own individual cruises) and P&O didn’t let the typical English weather interrupt the party proceedings.

Unfortunately the weather did mean that the red arrows weren’t able to perform but apart from that I believe everything went well.

Some of my colleagues were fortunate enough to go down to Southampton to experience the celebrations from a catamaran.

I remember when these anniversary cruises first went on sale, the Oriana 4 night sailing specifically as it sold out in minutes.

P&O are quite unique in the way that their ships target audience and features differ so much from ship to ship, I think that this is a great idea as families can enjoy the big modern friendly ships and on the other hand a couple could go away for a child-free peaceful time on one of their adult only ships, even in the middle of the school summer holidays.

I am also pleased that P&O haven’t joined the 15% gratuities charge on top of drinks bandwagon like the American cruise lines and have local pub prices on board in pounds sterling.

Well done P&O and thanks for keeping it British.