It’s whats on the inside that counts

When my clients are thinking of which cruise to take there are many factors for them to take into account.

One factor which some of my clients have brought up from time to time is how the ship looks from the outside.

People will often come out with phrases like I don’t want to sail on one of those ships, “It looks like a floating block of flats”. These phrases are often made when people look at a larger cruise ship from the exterior but it really leaves me puzzles as to why it would make any impact on your decision of which ship to sail on.

Does it really matter what a ship looks like from the exterior? Surely what the ship looks like and what is included on the inside are what you should be thinking about?

It got me thinking about some of the newer and larger ship designs and which ones look the most interesting.

There is the NCL Epic with the massive block at the top on the front which people often refer to her as having a massive forehead.

Which ships do you think look the best or worst from the outside, does it matter to you?