It’s time for the P&O 2017 Launch !


It’s that time of year again, P&O cruise launches are always the most frantic and memorable that I can remember.

The embargo on information was lifted at 8am this morning and people are pre-registering already to get the best launch deals and cabins.

The P&O cruise launch is always that popular that the cruises can’t just all be released on one day, they have to be released in blocks, these blocks go on sale at 8am so it’s always an early start for me.

Here is the information I have on what is going on sale and when.


P&O Past guests will be receiving a 5% past passenger discount as well as some select “Captains Choice” cruises receiving a further 5% discount, these will be the following :-


I have all the details for specific pricing for each grade here so you will know exactly what deal you will pre-registering with your card details for.

You can also find further information from us on this following link.


If you would like any information on these sailings and to pre-register, please call me directly on 0800 408 6095.