Fred Olsen Braemar comes to the rescue


The Fred Olsen Braemar will have made the Christmases of two Polish passengers and two crew of a small sailing yacht on the 27th December 2015 as she came to their aid whilst being stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Braemar was sailing from Santa Cruz. Tenerife to Bridgetown, Barbados when an officer spotted the drifting yacht Nicolet on the radar.

The Nicolet had been drifting for 2.5 days as their steering gear had broken before the Breamar had found them.

The two passengers from the Nicolet came onto the Braemar whilst the two crew stayed to fix the yacht after Fred Olsen gave them some needed items to do this.

The sea conditions were described as “challenging” by the captain of the Braemar who has reported that the rescue went without a hitch.

The Nicolet has since been repaired and will be re-joining the Braemar in Dominica where she will be re-united with her passengers.

This is a great story to start the year, some good will and a successful rescue with no-one injured.