About Me

DSCF2098I started at Cruise.co.uk back in April 2009.  I was new to the travel industry as my previous work was within the mortgage industry, due to the credit crunch (and being made redundant) this wasn’t a great industry to be in so I looked for something new which is when I came across cruise.co.uk.

Many years ago I have also worked as a head waiter and I understand how important good customer service and attention to detail is.  I take a lot of pride in providing a friendly and professional service for my customers as well as getting them a great value deal.

DSCF1891Personally I hate calling up companies and being felt like I am being read to from some sort of script or talking to a robot, I am glad that I don’t have to work like that here.  I enjoy voicing my own opinions to people and giving them unbiased and friendly advice.  I also have a good sense of humour and like to enjoy a good chuckle with people wherever I can.

I am so happy to be working in the cruise industry.  I absolutely love cruising and what it has to offer, and have really enjoyed all of the opportunities I have had to visit and sail on cruise ships.

DSCF1699I feel that I have gained so much experience and knowledge of the cruise industry since working here and I am really happy that cruise.co.uk have invested in my knowledge and experience.

I have met and spoken with so many lovely people in my time here and I look forward to this continuing in the future.