NYC (Again!), Niagara & Toronto Part 2

Following on from my last blog about my latest trip, today I’m going to tell you all about my 2 days in Niagara Falls & Toronto.

Niagara Falls surprised me on my first impression (at 9pm at night after a long day!), I was expecting a quiet, calm area. That was probably a bit naive of me as of course where there is a huge tourist attraction, people are going to build things, so lots of big hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants….a bit like Blackpool but good and clean!

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NYC (Again!), Niagara & Toronto Part 1

I’ve just got back from a fantastic work trip covering New York, Niagara Falls & Toronto. Now I was actually in New York back in March (you can read about that here) so I’m not going to go too much into detail but it was lovely to experience the warm weather this time and I did a lot more walking as a result. Our hotel was the Stewart hotel which is across the road from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station and about 5 minutes walk to the Empire State Building.

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A Good News Story in a Bad Week

Obviously the news this week has been dominated by Hurricane Harvey & Irma ( and still possibly a couple more to follow), and it would be easy to write about itineraries being curtailed and cancelled and the devastation etc.  But I thought I’d focus on a good news story I came across with my favourite cruise line, Royal Caribbean.

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Seaview Floats out

In the past week the newest member of the MSC fleet, the Seaview was floated out in Trieste, Italy for the first time ahead of joining the fleet in June 2018 and the sister ship, MSC Seaside in December 2017.

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Prepare to be boarded!!

Well….not really! Pirates were back in the cruise news this past week although obviously not this type of pirate!

The Sea Princess was subject to a dusk-till-dawn blackout, all deck parties and movies under the stars were cancelled  and outdoor bars and venues closed. This was while taking passengers across the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden to the Suez Canal. Just to be clear Princess did state that this was not in response to a specific threat but more of a cautionary measure in that region.

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Taking a bite of The Big Apple – Part 2

Carrying on from my last blog about trip to New York in March, our next day was St Patrick’s day.

Now I might be a bit hazy on some of the details but there was definitely Guinness involved! We actually toured lots of different Irish bars throughout the day and what a great atmosphere, everyone having a really good time, all the police and fire departments in uniform for the parade (we did see a few running for their places as they had stayed in the bar too long) Luckily the sun made an appearance as well ,it was still quite cold but more like a typical British March day than the previous 2

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Taking a bite of The Big Apple – Part 1

Back in March I was able to tick a big item off my travel hit list –  a trip to New York City and over St Patrick’s weekend no less.

What a city! It’s easy to see why they call it the City that never sleeps, I’ve never been anywhere so busy and so noisy but you soon adjust. This is just a taster of a few things you can do in New York, but to be honest I need another visit to get through the rest of it

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The “Suite” Life

Back in May I was lucky enough to sail on the Celebrity Eclipse – this is my first time sailing with Celebrity although I had visited a ship for the day before.

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What do your consultants get up to at Xmas ?

So I have just returned from the conference which took place on board the Fred Olsen Balmoral with an overnight stay in Bruges. It was a three night cruise but rather than tell you about the ship and the destination I thought I would share what we actually get up to.

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What’s new in 2016 ? Part 2 – Luxury

Continuing from my last post about the new ships arriving in 2016, this week I am focusing on the two new luxury additions.

You can read my previous post here

First of all we have the Regent Seven Seas Explorer – this will be the largest ship Regent have built to date although it is only 54,000 tonnes and there will be 750 guests onboard.

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