Yet Another View Of Venice…

I have just returned from my fifth visit to Venice.

I love this beautiful iconic city and will never tire of going there. I am happy to sit and watch the gondolas gliding past or get lost (which I invariably do) in the myriad canals and the maze of paths meandering through the quaint shops and delightful restaurants. Even on a day when seven large cruise ships may be in port for the day, it is still easy to escape the crowds in St Marks Square and find your own little gem hidden away. It is so easy to picture how it all was years ago as the buildings remain unchanged and preserving this and keeping hold of traditions is so important to he Venetians.

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Garda, An Artist’s Dream…

I have just returned from a week in Italy meeting over three hundred clients in Lake Garda before travelling on to Venice.

We stayed in the small resort of Gardone Riviera on the western shore of Lake Garda in three beautiful hotels all directly located on the lake shore. Gardone is home to the villa once owned by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio and a botanical garden and is also a stop for the ferry system that traverses the lake so you can explore some of the other little gems in the area.

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Back to Garda!

Last year, I travelled out to Italy to meet a group of around 160 clients who disembarked in Genoa from a cruise and escort them to Lake Garda and then on to Venice.

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Great Weekend Without Clothes!

My daughter, who is a very frequent flyer, taking around 8 flights a month with her job, flew to Spain on Friday morning for a long weekend.

She arrived at Gatwick early and, as her ticket had been booked including a 23kgs hold baggage allowance, she checked in her small suitcase to save wheeling it around the airport whilst waiting for her colleagues to join her.

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It Certainly Puts Our Weather Worries Into Perspective!

Next time we moan about the weather here in the UK, we must spare a thought for those caught in extreme conditions such as the inhabitants of the beautiful Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma. A bit of rain spoiling a planned barbecue, wind blowing your umbrella inside out or bringing a few leaves down onto our lawns is nothing compared to the utter despair that must be felt on having everything you own literally swept away. It is so sad to see the damage that can be done by this sheer force of nature.

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How Accessible Is A Cruise?

For many years now, cruising has been a popular choice of travel for anyone using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Most ships have some partially or fully adapted cabins and lifts and wide doorways to every public deck.

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How Far Is Too Far?

In March last year, I booked my holiday for November this year. At the time, booking 20 months in advance seemed quite strange and hard to get excited about. On the plus side, the cost of my cruise increased by over £700 per person over the following months and it has given us lots of time to plan what we are doing and to budget the holiday by booking trips, hotels and flights at different times rather than in one go. Also, it is nice to have something to look forward to. I have had a few holidays since last March to keep me going and I am a fan of last-minute decisions but for a bigger trip. I have enjoyed the build-up and am now getting quite excited.

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Last night I watched an episode of the TV show “Room 101”. For those not familiar with it, the name was taken from the torture room in George Orwells’ “Nineteen Eighty-Four” which was supposed to contain the worst thing in the world. Apparantly,  Mr Orwell took the name from a room numbered 101 in which he sat through many boring meetings at the BBC. The concept of the game is for celebrities to nominate something or someone that irritates them to be banished to Room 101.

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Yes, Cruises Really Do Sell Out!!….

This morning a two night cruise on Celebrity Silhouette went on sale for 28th April next year.

This will be the first time Silhouette has sailed from Southampton so a great opportunity to see the ship without the hassle of flying. At a lead-in fare from just £299pp including all drinks, food, entertainment and gratuities, it was a bargain.

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Too Short Or Just Right?…

I have just spent a lovely three nights in the New Forest with friends. Granted, we had fantastic weather which always helps, but I feel that we packed a lot into our trip and it definitely felt like a holiday.

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