About Me

Greetings cruise lovers My name is Nik and welcome to my blog, some of you might remember me from before, previously I worked for Cruise.co.uk for over 3 years but was given the opportunity to work in Phuket, Thailand. So from the moment I worked my months notice literally the…

Posted on Mar 16, 2018
Dress to kill

Greetings cruisers Well I hope you are all well and booking those cruises for the coming months, I know I have been busy booking my regulars, anyways a question I seem to be getting asked recently is about dress codes, quite a lot of the cruise lines have changed their…

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Posted on Mar 2, 2018
Exciting times ahead

Greetings Cruisers Hope you’re well and the snow hasn’t caused you too much disruption! I guess this type of weather gets people thinking about warmer climates and I can certainly understand why. So if you are thinking about booking something for later, read on I’ve just found out that in…

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Posted on Feb 16, 2018
Please sir, can I have some more

Greetings cruisers I hope you are all doing well and have started to look for your next cruise, I know this to be true, having seen so many of you already booked for next year. Great going, I only wish I had something booked to look forward to. Anyways, It…

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Posted on Feb 2, 2018
P&O Is bigger really better

Greetings Cruisers Yes it's me again, back with another item. So it seems we are well into the new year now and it has been crazy with bookings, you guys all love a cruise that's for sure. Well I am not complaining it keeps me in a job. Anyways back…

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Posted on Jan 19, 2018
MSC Just Do It

Greeting cruisers I hope you are all well and as always busy booking cruises, it seems that we have all got over the festive holidays and are ready to find some winter sunshine. What a great time to book, there are so many great deals about with many of the…

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Posted on Jan 5, 2018
Bucket List

A very happy new year to you all, I hope you all made it through the other side, and ready are ready for another crazy year. Already the phones are ringing off the hook and I am running around like a headless chicken! Anyways I am not one to advertise…

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Posted on Dec 22, 2017
Happy Holiday

Greetings Cruisers I would just like to wish you a very happy holiday and an amazing 2018, thanks for all your bookings I really do appreciate every single one. I hope everyone that took a cruise over the last year are now seriously addicted and have already planned their next…

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Posted on Dec 8, 2017
All rise NCL

Greetings cruisers I hope you are all having fun and getting organised for Christmas, I would love it more if I was actually away on a cruise, instead of being stuck here having to endure the drop in temperatures and the impending rise of gas prices. However that is not…

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Posted on Nov 24, 2017
Your not coming in

Greetings Cruisers So it has been a very busy 2 weeks and everyone is getting ready for Black Friday, a day that seems to drive everyone mental, not a day I normally get involved in but certainly worth having a look at what the cruise lines discount. Anyway I am…

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Posted on Nov 10, 2017
Airports, love them or hate them

Greetings cruisers Me again Hope you are all well and enjoying your cruise holidays Something a little different this week, If any of you are like myself that actually enjoy airports but hate flying, then this post is for you, airports are getting bigger and better every year and seem…

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