Hate Flying ?

Greetings once again to you all

It’s that time again for me to write something really interesting!

I have no idea if anyone actually reads my blogs, hell it would be great if you could add a comment at the bottom just so I know I am not on my own.

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Fawlty Towers or Four Star

Greetings Cruisers

Yep it’s me again, wow it feels so much longer than the 2 weeks since my last blog, anyways I hope you are all well and booking those cruises. So I thought I would touch on hotel standards this time, this can be a total mine field, and I seriously recommend you do your home work before deciding on one. Let me give you an example of how difficult it can be.

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Flights get exactly what you want

Greeting Cruisers

WOW, we are already well into January and you are all booking cruises like crazy, that is great news:)

So, I would like to talk about fly cruises this time, yep we all know it’s a right pain, but there are ways of making it just a little easier and smoother for you. So let me begin……………………………….First thing I will say is try not to book your cruise with flights that are offered through the cruise line, yes they will offer you the transfers included and protect you if there is ever a delay and they will hold up the ship for you, that’s all well and good but too be fair nowadays flight delays are quite uncommon and I can’t even remember a time when any of my customers have had the pleasure of being cheered as they walk up the gangway, obviously because everyone else is already on board and the captain has made an announcement of some delayed passengers. Anyways where was I, oh that’s right, flights booked through the cruise line as an all inclusive package. Well did you know that when you agree to this the cruise line can book you any flight they care to, even if it means countless connections. The cruise line are only obligated to get you to their cruise ship on time, so obviously they are going to book the cheapest option. Even once the flights are organised and you have the flight times, these can change at any time. Does not sound so good now does it? Yes they will offer you the transfers but would you really want to fly from London to Venice with a connection in Paris for example? No I would not either. So if you are looking for a fly cruise make sure you let the agent exactly what you want, direct flight, certain airline etc, they will find this for you including transfers and all this will probably end up cheaper anyways. Remember we are experts, we know what to look out for, what you as a consumer expect and will get you exactly what you want.

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Get on it for 2017


Greetings followers (that’s if I actually have any!)

A very happy New Year to you all, let’s hope it is even better than last year, cruising has never been more popular and right now all the cruise lines have released all their January deals, (Just reading that back makes me sound like the bloke from the Furniture adverts of the tv !) but these cruise offers are the real deal, not these fake sales the furniture stores seem to run all year round.So if  you are thinking of booking a cruise for 2017, please take a look at all the great offers available right now, from free drinks packages, free car parking, from on board benefits like free WIFI, and even a whole load of additional On Board Credit to spend on anything you like once you are on board (I seem to be using On Board quite a lot) but you get the drift I’m sure.

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One up on the rest


Greetings cruisers

Well it’s been a relatively quiet time these last 2 weeks, not surprising as many of you have spent a fortune on Christmas presents, and have nothing left to book a cruise for yourselves! Well let’s face it in a couple of days it will all be over and we can concentrate on being selfish again.

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Worlds Best Airlines


Greetings cruisers, yes it’s me again, hope you are all well and are still booking those cruises?

So lets talk airlines, the bain of any cruise for me, maybe not for others. As you all know by now I was a crew member for many years working on board ships and had the pleasure of seeing so many wonderful places in the world, however the one thing I really disliked was the flying experience, now I have to mention I am a little better with flights than I was previously, but any hint of turbulance and I am done. Sweaty palms, high pulse rate and even on some occasions self harm( I not jest). I would always book my flights based on safety records, that’s how bad things were, price never cam into the equation.

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Saver v Select


Greetings cruisers

Yep it’s that time again for another blog, surprisingly people actually read these, however I would never know as nobody posts a remark! So is by some unbelievable chance you are reading this, please pop down your name and where you are from……………………………Please.

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Hey guys

Welcome back, it’s been a busy couple of weeks and still the cruise bookings are coming in, which is great, however I do have to get one thing off my chest. If I tell you that there are only a couple of cabins left or that a particular deal is on it’s last day, please believe me, it is not a sales ploy or in anyway putting pressure on you to book, it is simply me being honest and telling you how it is. It drives me mad when customers respond with “Oh I bet you always say that” or “Blah Blah don’t try that sales technique on me” Let me just say right up front, I have never in my life pushed anyone into buying something they are not entirely sure about, it just is not the way I work, I will tell you how it is and leave it up to you to make a decision. There are always plenty of other people waiting to book a cruise, it is not life or death for me. I would also like to point out that I look to future bookings not just the present, if I offer excellent advise and a decent price, I know those customers will come back to me next time, they might not book with me but they will certainly give me a chance.

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Asia Something completely different


Well here I am again after 2 very busy weeks selling cruises, you lot just can’t get enough of em, I suppose it is understandable, they are all such great value these days. So it seems that Asia is becoming so much more popular these days as a cruise destination, It has certainly been my most popular destination. Luckily I have quite an extensive knowledge of the area as I used to live in Phuket for 3 years. From there I travelled to Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Burma and others I just can’t seem to remember. They do say this is the friendliest part of the world and too be honest I can’t argue against that one, yes many of these countries are quite strict, and yes religion is very popular here and taken very seriously, however as long as you respect the culture you will be just fine. There is so much to see and do, and the food is amazing, forget about the local Thai restaurant you went to one Christmas Eve, it really is so different from what you may have experienced back in the UK. The beaches are to die for and the weather is just so damn wonderful.

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Just looking for anything……

Hi Cruisers

Hope you have all had a nice couple of weeks, It seems a lot of you are really needing a cruise, because from most of my calls recently people are just looking to get away for a week or two anywhere. Yes anywhere, however that is actually harder to find than you might think, especially if you are looking to leave in the next week or so. Cruising is very different to a land based holiday, let’s face it most hotel rooms come with a window or balcony as standard, unfortunately on a cruise ship this is not the case, and with so many people now booking balconies on a cruise, they are much more difficult to find a week before the cruise departs. It always surprises me how disappointed people are when I tell them the only grade available at this late stage are inside cabins. I am then asked”well do you think any cancellations will become available” now to be honest we as agents are never really notified of cancellations and normally at such late notice, the cruise lines will normally move people around on board, what I mean is upgrade people already booked. The cruise lines will also need time to update their passenger manifest, this will normally happen a couple of days before the sailing, gone are the days when you could just show up at the port and get yourself booked on. Which I have actually done in the past, but with all the heightened security issues these days is never going to happen now. A lot of people think that if they leave the booking to the very last minute they will get a great deal, again this is not true and in my experience have found that actually even a week before a cruise the price can be more than you would expect. So if you are looking to get away I would check no later than about a month before departure, if you leave it any later, you will be very disappointed.

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