Why is there a gym on a cruise ship?

What do you think when you hear the words Cruise ship?

Numerous lounges, huge theatre, pools, deck chairs, a casino and dining rooms…..food,  hours of over indulgence, buffet, burgers, five course meals !! I don’t think I have ever eaten as much as I have when I am not on a ship.  The thought of a 5 course evening meal every day bring churning noises to my stomach.

However we still try to consume as much food as we can on a ship.  Its as if we are trying to eat the cost of our cruise to get satisfaction instead we get heart burn! Seriously when you go out to dinner normally you have a starter, main and dessert.

On a ship you look at the menu and you fancy the look of two of the starters, so you call over your waiter, have a whisper word in their ear and hey presto you have two starters in front of you, along with an extra bread roll….because you can!!

Look at some of the storage lockers below deck you don’t get to see as passengers.  All the boxes are full of food.  This is just a small amount of the ingredients for a 14 night sailing

MSC Lockers 1

MSC Lockers 2

Remember everything is cooked fresh on a ship…apart from some of the food in the crew mess, but that is another story. So next time you board a ship, look down at the  pallets of stores on the dock side that is your food for your voyage, then find out which deck the gym is on, so you make  yourself feel better!