We three ships of Royal Caribbean….

A little early for Christmas song puns? Well I had to get a title of this latest blog from somewhere!!

The three biggest ship in the world have just ported together at Fort Lauderdale.  The Oasis class ships, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas have met with Harmony of the seas.

Harmony OTS resized

Harmony has just completed a Trans Atlantic sailing to her new home of Fort Lauderdale in Florida to start her East/West alternation 7 night Caribbean sailings.  These are the most innovative cruise ships around at the moment. All three boast a 72 ft zip wire an Aqua theatre which holds diving stunts and aqua acrobatic performances.  All three ships have an internal ‘Central Park’ with real threes and shrubs (Just picture Central park in New York and scale it down just a little and then send your imagination to sea and that what is on board these ships.  There is even a Carousel within the board walk .

Royal Caribbean have a forth Oasis class ship however yet un-named which is set to go to sea in 2018.  The ships hold between 6500 and 7100 passengers.  This just show the scale of Fort Lauderdale port.