We can’t help the weather

Cruise lines try to deploy their ships around the world to coincide with the weather seasons.  If you notice that between the months of May-September there are fewer ship in the Caribbean and in Australian waters.  This is due to the weather.  Around those times of the year in the Caribbean, it is the hurricane season and in Australia…. well the weather is rubbish, their winter months are our summer months.

Pacific Dawn

If there is a freak storm which occurs the cruise ship’s captain will more than likely look to change the Itinerary rather than risk the safety of the passengers.  Of cause this will annoy the passengers but if the ship cannot dock because of weather then the ship cannot tender either as the water will be too rough.  Above is the Pacific Dawn which is one of  P&O Australia ships.  In Brisbane the weather between October and April is the cruise season however Queensland has a very tropical climate and storms can brew within minutes. On many occasions Pacific Dawn could not dock in Portside in Brisbane because of high winds and she had to dock at Fisherman’s which is a larger port where larger ships dock.  Passengers then had to be bussed the 70Km from Fisherman’s to Portside.  Annoying yes but at least they disembarked the ship safe.  So if you are on board and an Itinerary changes the cruise line has not taken this decision lightly.