Queen Mary is getting a makeover


Queen Mary 2 is currently in dry dock in Germany undergoing a refit.  As we know cruise ship crew are always maintaining their ships throughout the year but there comes a point in time where ships do need to have work done on them which takes them out of service which is called dry dock.

QM2 is in a dockyard called Blohm & Voss in Hamburg.  The ship is having her Kings Court buffet area re designed, which means that they are removing a bank of elevators to make a new central serving station. When I was on board last year I remember the  buffet area being a little confusing where it didn’t flow and you seemed not to get to see all the food on display.  A new wine room and adding in 15 new Single rooms.  The ship has never had single rooms before and there are hundreds of single people saying that the single supplement on cruises is extortionate, so adding single rooms will help out the single people who like to cruise.

The ship yard is even adding on 10 new kennels! Oh yes QM2 can carry pets on her trans Atlantic sailing from Southampton  to New York and back.  They have a full kennel service for clients, well for clients pets I mean!

Cunard are removing the interior glass lifts which used to star from the lobby, to give extra space to guests.  Cunard are adding on franchisees such as Michael Kors and Barbour.  The Royal Court Theatre will have new LED lighting and  new carpet and seating so guests can watch the shows in a better light and in more comfort.

For the Grills clients, Princess and Queens restaurants are receiving a makeover with a new colour scheme.  Refurbishments are always a good thing because if the ship looks under maintained then that might reflect on the service and then clients would not re book on her again.