Princess on TV again


After the success of their first series of ‘The Cruise’ Princess lines have announced that they are due to start filming their second series on board Regal Princess this Summer.

Last seasons show was filmed on Princess’s sister ship Royal Princess and attracted 3.5million viewers.  However did the show do Princess’s or even cruising as a whole’s reputation any good? I suppose it is personal perception however some of the ‘characters’ on the show were, I believe very over the top and not a true reflection to passengers who cruise.  Also the show seemed very tongue in cheek.

If you have been a regular client of a particular cruise line, yes the ships will do special events for long serving clients so people who have sailed up to 49 days ate Gold members, passengers who have sailed between 50-149 days are Platinum and passengers who have sailed 15 plus days are Elite members.  There are always competitions  on board as to who has sailed the most with Princess. This is normally a cocktail party held in one of the function rooms. You don’t have to attend if you don’t want to.  You may miss out on a free mimosa!

Being an ex crew member myself, the crew who featured on the show seemed very normal and not a plant for TV which I would expect.  There are always some individual crew on board who stand out and believe me I have met a few who would do well on this type of show!

What am I expecting from the making of this fly on the wall documentary in the next series? Princess I guess will show off more of the activities on board and some of the excursions that clients take so promote the cruise line and to hopefully attract a new waive of passengers.  I would like them to film below decks a little more and show the facilities for crew and how they live on a ship for up to 8 months at a time. This might make clients think about paying more gratuities rather than only paying it to crew personnel they see above deck on a day to day basis.