P&O change future cruise booking procedure

It has recently been announced by P&O that they are changing their on board booking policy.

Before the change, P&O used to collect £50 per person off clients on board and this was attached to their Peninsular numbers.  Then when passengers decided which sailing they wanted the future cruise deposit was utilized which gave passengers extra on board credit on their chosen sailing.  These future cruise deposits would last for up to a year so passengers can choose which sailing they wanted in comfort.

Now P&O are saying that they are still offering the future cruise deposits but passengers have to choose which sailing they want to use it against whilst on board their current cruise! So really P&O are forcing people to choose there an then.  Yes the Senior Vice President is saying that its better for the clients, well he would I guess.  ‘It will provide better service, less waiting time and increased opportunities for clients to learn about new itineraries and ship’!

What a load of rubbish.  P&O are taking away the opportunity for clients to view at their own leisure which itineraries they want to go on. Basically P&O on board sales will say you have to book there and then.  P&O are allowing clients to change their sailing within 2 weeks of booking, but what about us as agents? If a client assigns their booking to an agent and changes their mind on said sailing,  we will then have to wait on hold to P&O to see what we can do.  So are P&o going to employ more call centre staff to help with this?  I won’t hold my breath.

In my mind this is just a ploy to get new bookings secured by P&o.  I do hope all on board booking agents will be briefed in what they are supposed to tell clients and all the terms are explained thoroughly!



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