Volcanic ash closes parts of British air space again!!

Airports in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland closed from 0700 BST because of risks from volcanic ash.

Glasgow, Prestwick and Derry are likely to be closed all day, while there are plans to shut Inverness in the morning only, and Belfast in the afternoon. The CAA advised air passengers to check with airports before travelling and warned the situation was changeable. Last month, volcanic ash clouds from Iceland grounded flights for six days. The situation in the skies has been changing hour by hour, meaning the picture for air travellers is unclear. Dublin Airport will also close from 1100 BST until further notice.

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Free stuff !!

Nowadays cruiselines are offering different things to entise you to travel with them.  Be it on board credit, free upgrades and now even free car parking or coach transfers to cruises departing from various ports such as Southampton or Dover

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See where your ship is!!

Here is a link to a website which gives you information about ships and where they are at the present time.  http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/  Cruise Calender also gives you webcam’s on certain ships so you can see where your fellow cruisers at the moment.

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Maybe stuck at work!!

Well at the moment its heavy snow in Redditch.  The roads are gridlocked and I am wondering whether I will make it home.  As I have no car….still, and I am relying on trains running.  Arrangements are being made for a sleep over at collegues houses and possibly being stuck in the office. Lets see how the day pan’s out.  I might invest in some ski’s !!!!

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Happy New Year!

I would like to wish all my current and future clients a very happy and prosperous New Year !

Disguising Christmas Presents

I have this uncanny knack of fooling my family into what they are recieving for Christmas.  Its all about the wrapping which i am not a fan of.  I can make a boxed game look like a football and as for wierdly shaped boxes or packages, forget it.  So it is a standing joke within my family that all their presents will be a ‘surprise’ even though they have asked for it!!!

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Frequent questions asked by cruisers……Is this you?

Does this lift go up or down?

Do you clean the windows in the lift on all floors?

How do the crew get taken off the ship at night?

Is the fish caught fresh?

Where does the ship park after my cruise?

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Car calamity

So, eventually I have found a new car, however due to being at work and as you can see from my previous blog I did not want to let this one go.  So my father went to view the car and as i trust his judgement I believed that this was the right decision.  Oh how wrong was I.  Unfortunately as he was viewing the car, his own car was crashed into by another driver, writing it off.  So at the moment my family has has its fair share of motoring accidents.  Oh Happy Christmas!!

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Calling all chocoholics!!

Look above…..Yes that car is actually made out of chocolate beautifully sculptured by the fabulous chef’s, and sous chef’s onboard some cruiselines.  So u’ve had your appitizer, starter, main and dessert and then they bring out the chocolate buffet.  Yikes!! I hear you cry, but yes you can gorge yourselves on the sumptious chocky delights if that really floats your boat!!

The Chill has started

December is here with avengence.  The winter chill has hit and around the office people are walking in with icicles hanging off their noses and shivering uncontrolably.  Is it time to Cruise abroad to a warmer climate so I can warm up the cockles?