Calling all chocoholics!!

Look above…..Yes that car is actually made out of chocolate beautifully sculptured by the fabulous chef’s, and sous chef’s onboard some cruiselines.  So u’ve had your appitizer, starter, main and dessert and then they bring out the chocolate buffet.  Yikes!! I hear you cry, but yes you can gorge yourselves on the sumptious chocky delights if that really floats your boat!!

The Chill has started

December is here with avengence.  The winter chill has hit and around the office people are walking in with icicles hanging off their noses and shivering uncontrolably.  Is it time to Cruise abroad to a warmer climate so I can warm up the cockles?

Buying used cars

Unfortunately due to an incident, my otherwise immaculate but old VW Golf was written off by a person who was, in my opinion far too old to be driving.  As much as I wanted to say that she should not be driving at all, she was sweet and very apologetic.  However I have now started looking for a new mode of transport.  How dificult is this!!  Every car I enquired was sold or being sold when i turned up to look at it.  At this rate I may resort to buying a bike to get to work….

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Carnival in Rio

Is it worth sailing halfway around the world to Rio de Janerio for the carnival ……..?