Dining onboard. What options are available?

Many people ring to ask what dining options are available on particular cruise lines.

There are two set dining times on many ships.  Early dining (around 6.30pm) Late dining (around 8.30pm).  With these dining times you will sit on the same table with the same people throughout your cruise.

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America wanting more details!

Starting from November all flights to America will require customers middle names as well as first and surnames. This is due to immigration.

At the moment only American Airlines are asking for the information earlier but you can bet your bottom dollar that other airlines will follow suit.

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Luggage labels…How important are they?

Over the last few months I have taken many a call regarding luggage labels. 

Now due to cost cutting measures many cruiselines are issuing paper luggage labels which can be obtained through your cruise personalizer on the relivant cruiselines websites.

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Attention to detail is first class on Royal Caribbean

When you go on a cruise you always take notice of the WOW factor and sometimes don’t notice the small things which also are included.

On the Splendour or the Seas my trained eye noticed a couple of these things which made the holiday even more memourable.

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A Splendour of a ship

As you can see I have just returned from a weeks holiday on the Splendour of the Seas. We cruised around the Greek islands and Dubrovnik and visited Kusadasi in Turkey.

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Tendering…it’s a bit of a mission unless you are savvy

Leading on from my last blog, I said i would talk about tendering.

When the ship cannot moor at the dock she will drop anchor and you will tender to the port.

Now as most of you know, when you tender you mostly use the lifeboats from the ship unless the port have their own.

The ship knows it is a nightmare transporting between 2000-4000 people to the shore so they do this in the fairest way possible by issuing tender tickets on the morning before the ship docks.

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A fantastic time on the Splendour

I have just returned from a weeks holiday on the Splendour of the Seas.  We cruised around the Greek islands and Dubrovnik and visited Kusadasi in Turkey.

I booked the flights with Royal Caribbean so that included the transfers to the ship.  As we flew from Birmingham we had indirect flights via Paris.  The flight times were perfect and no stress transferring planes. 

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I’m off on my Jollies

I am off on holiday from 20th AUG to 31 AUG.

Oh and guess what..Yes, i’m off on a cruise.  I will be bording the Splendor of the Seas fron Venice and will be cruising around the Dubrovnik,  Greek Isles and Turkey.

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Look after you Stateroom key!! Read below!!

Always take a small magnet on your holiday, they come in handy at the end of it.

Thought you all needed to know this

This is pretty good info.

Never even thought about key cards containing anything other than an access code for the room!

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An Ex crew members view….do we eat the same food?!

Ok so its time to dish some dirt coming from an ex crew members point of view. Now remember that I worked on board over 4 years ago so some of this may have changed.

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