Monarch of the Seas rescue six from sinking raft

It has been reported that a Royal Caribbean ship Monarch of the Seas has rescued six Cuban’s who were on a make shift raft.

The raft was spotted whilst The Monarch was sailing back from Royal Caribbeans private island Coco Cay in the Bahamas. Five men and one Woman were on board the rickerty raft.

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Top tips for new cruisers.

First time cruising can be a little daunting, especially when you are not sure of which cruise line to go on.  I have heard of many people who are lead by the destinations rather than the cruise line.  Now if you want to go to certain destinations then do your homework. 

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Celebrity themed cruises

Celebrity have announced that they have themed cruises for 2011.  The themes include glass blowing, health and wellness, speciallity chefs and winemakers.

These cruises are on specific dates on Eclipse, Sillouette, Solstice, Equinox, Mercury Summit and Century.

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Aurora… the Agents view

After a very enjoyable 2 night mini cruise on the P&O Aurora cruising from Southampton, I’d thought I’d let you know the nitty gritty about the ship.

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Whats goes on In Vegas stays in Vegas

After a long flight from Birmingham via Newark I landed in Las Vegas.  Taxi ride from the airport to the Mirage was about $30.

Even with jetlag I wanted to have a walk along the strip. As this was the first time I have been to Las Vegas for 15 years I could see that things had changed.

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Viva Las Vegas

I am off to Vegas on Friday for 5 days.  I am staying in the Mirage Hotel.

I am not cruising I am flying there.  The last time I visited Vegas was 15 years ago so I am looking forward to seeing what has changed.

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We are the leading company

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Travel Convention in Valetta in Malta for 3 days

The conference consisted of various sessions about best company practice.  In the cruise section of the conference, leading members of Royal Caribbean and the CCS group (Princess, Cunard and P&O) were discussing how their companies are dealing with issues such as ticketing and online check in.

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How much for fuel?

Ok this is an interesting one.  If you book a cruise sailing in 2011 or 2012 and there is a fuel surcharge on the booking, how does the cruise line know how much to charge?

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Azamara first class

Whilst I was in Valetta at the Travel Convention I was given the chance to visit the Azamara Quest.  This is the first time I have been on this ship.  I was interested to see what it was like and compare it to Celebrity, because Azamara are part of the Royal Caribbean & Celebrity brand.

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Calling all Sailors !

I have just had the privilege of visiting the Star Clipper in the port of Valetta in Malta.

Now the Star Clipper is a more ‘hands on’ cruise.  By this I meen that if you want to you can help hoist the sail, get a great view from the crows nest or help with the roping on board.

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