New York in March – Snow joke

March, is supposed to be the start of spring, however I am off to New York in two days to hopefully enjoy the St. Patrick’s festivities with some friends and there is snow forecast!!

Two weeks ago I was looking at pictures of people on the Brooklyn Bridge in shorts and t-shirts and now there is an un-seasonal  weather front coming over the East Coast of the United States.  There are even reports of New Yorkers stock piling provisions due to the predicted weather.

NYC snow 1

We have a few sight seeing tours booked before the St Patrick’s day parade and on Saturday during the parade i hopefully will be enjoying one of those funny green pints of Guinness.

The storm is predicted to hit Tuesday and I am flying out on Wednesday so with everything crossed hope that the runway guys at JFK airport have their snow moving gear all ready so at least we can land in new York.

So be prepared for some American themed blog’s over the next few weeks with interesting pictures, whether it is me with my England rugby top on supporting the boys beating the Irish to clinch the Grand Slam six Nations trophy or pictures of me having a snowball fight in Central park.  Travelling is all about the memories and I am sure this trip will provide me with a few.

Keep everything crossed for me!!




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