Just wash you hands!

Seriously, I have talked about the virility  of the norovirus on cruise ships.  It spreads like wild fire but if you was your hands and encourage other guests to wash theirs too it might combat the sickness bug.

Fred Olsen had a serious case on Balmoral recently, around a quarter of the guests came down with the bug. The ship was on a 34 night sailing from Southampton to America.  a few days ago 7 people were quarantined to their cabins where the rest of the infected clients made a full recovery.

The ship was boarded by U.S. centers of disease prevention once in U.S. waters and was given a 91% health rating. If the ship did not pass the inspection then it would not have been able to set sail as the American coastguard and public health agency’s would not allow it. 

I have spent days on a ship bleaching everything that can be touched by passengers because of this gastroenteritis bug.  It is an awful bug and CAN BE PREVENTED!  Wash your hands after visiting the bathroom!  You get taught this when you are young.  Just because you have grown up that doesn’t mean you stop doing this!!

If the ship gets quarantined, then the crew do, then they may be let go and lose their jobs.  The food companies will not deliver to the ship and so they might close and lose their jobs.  The maintenance workers in ports who are employed to work on the cruise ship will not be working and they will lose their jobs…….. Do you get the idea. Its a simple request, wash your hands when you are on a ship!