Is cruising about the ports of call now?

Some of my colleagues were lucky enough to visit the newest addition to Royal Caribbean’s fleet Harmony of the Seas over the last few days.  Now close your eyes…….and think of an American theme park, have you got a picture of a roller coaster with a carousel in the foreground? Now look below! Oh yes this is on a cruise ship.  Think how big the ship is in comparison to the carousel!


And it does not stop there.  There’s not one but two surfing machines on board so you can wipe out to your heart content.


With all these new innovative add-ons cruise lines are bringing out with their brand new ships, the question comes to mind, do you go on a cruise now to see the ports or to sample the ship?  Once the ship is in port and many of the guests have dis embarked all the attractions on the ship become more available and there are no queues.  Its like being at a theme park where know one else is allowed.

Below are boardwalk balcony’s overlooking the interior of the ship.  The slide is called the Ultimate Abyss and behind the slide is a pool where an aqua show will be performed.


These ships tend to do 7 night itineraries.  Within the Itinerary you ate probably in port 4-6 days so only leaving a day on the ship to see everything! As you can see there are so many attractions to enjoy and the pictures are only a small sample of attractions on board.  Of coarse the ship will want you to stay on board because you will spend your money on the ship rather than ashore.  Have you ever booked a cruise because of the ship and not the port Itinerary?