‘I don’t drink that much’

Nowadays most American cruise lines offer drinks packages within the fare or if you book a ‘guarantee’ cabin then you can add a drinks package on yourself once you are on the ship.

Many clients say to me ‘I don’t drink that much anyway’ .  However if you think about what you do drink when on board….a couple during the day, one or two at dinner then maybe two after dinner and possibly a nightcap!  That seven drinks at an average cost of $6 per drink that’s $42, then add the 15% gratuity on $6 that’s £$48 per day.  Drinks packages can start from approximately $40 per person per day so it may be worth a look. Below is a typical bar menu from Celebrity Eclipse.  If you cant read it a pint of Stella is $12

Do not be embarrassed to ask about the prices of drinks.  Some clients think that if you have a drinks package added on then you are a self confessed alcoholic.  It is just plain sense and you will find that in the end it will cost you less.  If you only have one or two drinks normally in the day at home then a drinks package is not for you.  Remember there are tea’s and coffees available throughout the day.



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