How do they maintain cruise ships?

Cruise ships are in service all year round, seven days a week and 365 days a year.  The ships don’t stop at all unless there is any maintenance required which stops the ship from sailing.  This would be something like an engine problem or something which would affect the clients on board.

The ships go through maintenance all year round, even when  you are cruising.  Below deck there is a maintenance crew dedicated to any spills or breakages.  If your cabin springs a leak you call guest services, they in turn call the maintenance crew who will normally visit your cabin when you are off the ship in port or if it is a sea day then they will arrange a time to come and fix the problem.

Then there are the sailors.  These guys are the unsung hero’s on cruise lines.  You have seen them walking around, you have but you tend not to notice them. These guys are the one you see doing the painting on the ship and the painting of the hull when you are in port.  These are the guys who normally drive the tenders and these are the guys you see doing the below! I would say most of the dangerous jobs on board are carried out by these guys.

Window Cleaning

Oh yes, how else did you think the windows got washed?  All the saltwater doesn’t wash itself you know.  These sailors also work below decks in the rope room.  The sailors are the ‘jack of all trades’ on board and are vital members of the crew and cruise ships would not be able to sail without them.  So this is a big shout out to crew and especially the sailors on board.