Haunted Ship….well it is almost Halloween!

Queen Mary…..no not the Queen Mary 2 before anyone tries to call me to cancel their booking.  The old Queen Mary has been reported to be one of the most haunted ships that was on the seas.

Cabin number B340 was said to be the most haunted stateroom on the ship. The ghost of a murdered purser still haunts the room.  Taps have been said to turn on themselves and bedding flung across the room.

The QM engine room is another area which is spooky. The ghost of Mr Pedder, the fireman who died there. During a routine fire drill in 1966, this young sailor was crushed to death by one of the ship’s watertight doors. During emergencies these doors would be closed sealing off large sections of the QM to avoid sinking.

The swimming pool ghosts are believed to be of people who drowned there. There are number of exclusively female ghosts in the 1st class pool area, and in the 2nd class pool the most popular ones are the ghosts of an elderly woman (in her 60-70s, dressed in black & white) and a little girl. The little girl’s name is Jackie who apparently drowned during a Trans Atlantic crossing, but she also is seen in many other places across QM. A supervisor lady and her co-worker heard strange sounds in the pool area  sounds like a little girl playing and splashing there. Then the splashing stopped and  eerie giggling continued. A small kid’s wet footprints were noticed walking into the changing room.

Aren’t you glad that this is the old Queen Mary and not the Queen Mary 2……Imagine sitting by the side of the pool, on your own, with know one around you, you hear a child’s giggle and then wet footprints appear from know where!!!!

Happy Halloween!

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