Cruise ship used as Olympic hotel again

London 2012, remember that 4 years ago where the U.K. stormed the Olympics? Well it is four years on now and it is Brazil s turn and Rio is the city that is hosting the Olympics.

There is always an Olympic village where the athletes stay and bed down for however long they are competing. Where do the non athletes stay I hear you ask? Rio de Janeiro  is a bustling holiday city and has numerous hotels to house officials and helpers at the Olympics however there still may not be enough room.  In London 2012 Fred Olsen lent their ship the Braemar to the officials as this ship holds 900 passengers as there was not enough hotel space in London to accommodate these officials.  She was docked on the Thames in London.

Rio is no different, however Brazil have gone one step further and taken loan of a slightly bigger cruise ship.  Norwegian Cruise lines (NCL) have loaned their very new Norwegian Getaway to the Olympic organizers for 40 days. This ship holds a cool 4000 passengers so is approximately 4 times bigger than Breamar.

There are inside ocean view and balcony cabins on this ship however I believe that the balcony cabins will be the only ones used so the officials can sit and relax on the balcony in the Brazilian sun once their working day is over. The staterooms and the cruise line are of four star hotel quality and I think NCL will create a few extra sales off the back of this.

Norwegian Getaway will be berthed at Rio’s Pier Maua and housing sponsors, the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  Getaway came into service in 2014.  The IOC and sponsors will have the choice of 27 dining rooms, a spa with fitness center and salt room, Aqua park with 2 swimming pools, 5 water slides and 6 hot tubs.  Very nice I would say.