Celebrity ‘Edge’ into the future!

Celebrity ship

Celebrity cruises have announced the name of their second ‘Edge class ship’ The Celebrity Beyond is the second in the class, remembering that the first ship in a new class is named after the class.

Celebrity Edge is scheduled to be launched in Autumn 2018 and Celebrity Beyond in Spring 2020.  The ships will carry 2900 passengers in 1450 staterooms so similar size to Solstice class ships. The ships will boast environmentally friendly ship design with new sustainable fuel efficiency.

Celebrity are being tight lipped about the new innovative features which will be on board, however they say that they are to deliver small ship itineraries with large ship amenities.

In my view there are only so many ports which can accommodate ‘large ships’ and the berthing can be a fight between all the major cruise lines.  Quite often a cruise line will announce an itinerary but then 6 months on change said itinerary ‘we have noticed that due to many ships berthing in this port, the port of …..will be cancelled or changed’

For Celebrity to boast about bringing small ship itineraries with large ship amenities, I believe Celebrity will have to talk to countries which have a coast line and can take cruise ships to see if a dock can be built rather than ships having to tender in their guests, which happens quite alot in the likes of Norway lets say.

Since the announcement of the new class of ships clients who have sailed with Celebrity before will want to try these ships out, however we will have to wait to see what the Itineraries are to see if it will entice passengers on board.  No dates have been set as yet for the launch of Celebrity’s 2018 itineraries.  Once there is then expect these ships to sell quickly.



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