Why is there a gym on board?

If you have spoken to me before about cruises and especially food on cruise ships you will know that different cruise companies have different menus to try and tempt passengers onto their ships.

All cruise lines will have some sort of buffet restaurant on their ships which is normally open on average 23 hours a day serving all types of cuisine from hot and cold food, to stew’s curry’s,  roasts and pizza and pasta dishes.  These are normally informal dress and if you are not one to dress up on the formal nights then this is the place you can go.  Some of the ships close part of the buffet to open up specialty restaurant’s.  QM2 does exactly this.  She has 4 venue names, Corriander, Bamboo, Aztec and La Piazza

Remember though, there is the main dining restaurant as well which will serve breakfast, lunch and if you want a 5 course meal in the evening.

Corriander Resized La Piazza Resized

These venues will offer for a small cover charge a different more unique menu to what you can have elsewhere on the ship.  So it is safe to say that you will never go hungry when you are on your cruise.  This is why all ships have gym’s on board because otherwise passengers will have top be rolled off the ship at dis embarkation!

Gym resized