Fancy Seeing The Northern Lights?

I do. It has to be up there on your wish list. I know it is not guaranteed of course that you do see them but if you did a cruise to the area where they are known to be seen, surely that has to stand in your favour!

I recently booked some clients with Viking Ocean cruises.  Beginning in January 2019, Viking are offering 13-night itineraries between London and Norway’s Bergen, which will visit ports of call in the Arctic Circle, such as Tromso and Alta, where viewing of the Aurora Borealis is most often seen. The only other cruise operator which regularly features this area is Hurtigruten, although there are some other cruise lines such as P&O and Fred Olsen who do offer occasional sailings to the area.

Highlights include overnight visits in Norway’s Arctic Circle town of Alta, where in addition to the northern lights, passengers will experience life among the native Sami community, including a ride in a reindeer-drawn sleigh. Another overnight occurs in Tromso, Norway’s largest Arctic Circle city  which also boasts great viewing spots for the Aurora Borealis and is a center for Arctic culture and arts. Stavanger and Bergen are other Norwegian ports of call.  To top it all if you did do this fab cruise you would be travelling on a rather lovely ship, the Viking Sky. This ship is a all-balcony ship, the main pool has a covered glass ceiling for all-weather swimming, and a top-rated, Scandinavian-influenced spa facility. The feedback I have been getting on Viking is they really are rather fab.

Prime season to see the Northern Lights is September through to March, although, interestingly, the Northern Lights occur in warmer weather months too. (I never knew that) However, the long summer periods of daylight potentially make the lights harder to see.

So if you have ever thought about seeing them and not done anything about it, now is your time. Book early though, I know it is for 2019, but you would be surprised at how quick these will fill up.

Till next time x