Caribbean Update

It is that time of the year when everyone wants to get away “now.”  The cold, snow, sleet, rain and lack of sunshine affects everyone so if you can do it, you need to go somewhere hot! Traditionally at this time of year the Caribbean is the place to head to. With fantastic weather, and the most wonderful pristine beaches to visit.  However, there are some people out there who are dubious at going back there OR for the first time. Why you may ask?  Well hurricane Irma and Maria last September of course caused some major damage in some of the islands which was devastating. Is this a reason now though to not travel?

The Caribbean as an area is almost three million square kilometers, most of the islands were nowhere near the path of the storm.  Each different island has its own character,  and more then 146,000 of us Brits choose to cruise in this area.  At the moment almost 90 per cent of ports are open for business which is fantastic news. I have also read that the Tortola Pier park which is the British Virgin Islands major cruise destination is also well on its way to recovery.

I have travelled to the Caribbean a few times and absolutely love it. I know some people say that one island is just like the other, but i think everyone has that something different.  For example my favourite island is St Lucia.  The famous Piton peaks always get me, just beautiful. I love Grenada too, did you know that Fort George which towers above the cruise terminal still has bullet holes in the fortifications from the revolution in the late 1970’s and the US invasion in 1983? Antigua has the most fantastic beaches, Barbados has the great colonial buildings and the most friendly people or what about St Kitts? A really beautiful island, and well worth a excursion on the scenic railway which takes you around the island.

The hurricane season is roughly from June to November which you have got to be aware of, but like everywhere, you can go say in July and it is wonderful weather. I have travelled to the Caribbean in all seasons and must admit have never experienced bad weather, must have been lucky! Seriously though, with flying times not “too” bad from the UK, the chance to either cruise from an island or from the US there really is no reason not to go. The Caribbean is a great destination offering you the best holiday experience.  Give it a go and please support the people who live there.

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