An Amazing River Cruise

Recently some lovely clients of mind experienced their first river cruise, after my recommendation. A recommendation really is putting your own neck on the line, and telling people, you have got to do this, because….. How do I or my fellow cruise consultants really know you will like it? Just because we loved it, does that mean you will?  I would say that to all my past clients, I have got to know you over the years and do know what you like in terms of quality, food, and cruise lines, hence my recommendation of a river cruise for Mr & Mrs L.

Thankfully I was spot on with this fantastic Danube cruise.  As you may recall I had a wonderful cruise on the Danube myself and fell in love with the pace of life and the wonderful destinations en route to Budapest, which in all honesty is just the most amazing, beautiful city to visit. It’s not just Budapest though, it is everywhere! Ok, I may be a bit biased here!  My favourite destination was Durnstein. A very small village in the Wachau valley. Stunning and so peaceful with the ruins of a old castle above the village, I could honestly have spent another day there, why? There is just something about the atmosphere, can’t explain it, just beautiful.

I did ask Mrs L for her thoughts on her cruise. Where she liked the most and why. Here is her response:

“Regensburg   – quaint medieval town –  enjoyed Oompah band that was brought on board.  

Passau – St Stephens church was amazing with beautiful frescos and the huge organ was interesting.  We also went into a clock shop which sold handmade wooden cuckoo clocks.

Melk –  Benedictine Abbey which features Austria’s Italian baroque architecture. Melk is a small town walking from boat to town through forest was delightful – the smell of trees was lovely.

Sailed through Wachau wine region, sitting on the top deck getting spectacular views. (point of note Mrs L did not mention Durnstein – if I had a picture of a shocked face!)

Vienna – spent evening in restaurant opposite Hofburg Palace watching the horse and carriages it was magical.

Bratislava –  Enjoyed walk around quaint town.   

Budapest – last evening sitting on open upper deck in the evening sailing up and down the centre of Budapest absolutely amazing viewing the lights on the buildings, bridges and palaces.”

If you are perhaps a little fed up with the usual ocean cruises, do not want to travel huge distances, then please do try a river cruise. The destinations are wonderful, ships are smashing, crew brilliant and the food is as good as you would get on a ocean cruise. If you want some recommendations, let me know!

Till next time x