Tell Me What You Want…..What You Really Want…

blog 14 feb

There are so many great prices out at the moment to entice you to book with lots of added extras however, I wonder are these extras or offers what you really are looking for?

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Let’s Play…. Cruise Trivial Pursuit

cruise trival pursuit

One of the on board activities that many people play on a cruise are quizzes. My lovely client (let me say Mr B) loves to get them all set up when he is on his cruise and mentioned to me a while ago it would be fun to have one of our own, so this is for you!

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Booze Cruise – You Decide!


What is a booze cruise?  I’m sure many of you would suggest it is when people just sit around and drink themselves silly all day long! Yes, there are people out there who want to do this however, there are also so called “booze cruises” which are in fact informative and interesting cruises, people who love a nice glass or two of wine and want to have a drink related theme cruise. Complicated it may sound but actually its not!

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I’m Loving The Viking’s!


Lately I have been hooked on the Viking series which I got for Christmas. It’s not as good as the Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones, but is smashing if you like that sort of thing! It has also given me the “travel bug” to go back to the Baltic, Sweden in particular. Baltic cruising has really taken off this year, with alot of people choosing to visit rather than go on the usual Med cruise. I cant say I blame them.

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Are You Loyal?

blog 16jan

What is the point of a loyalty card either with a cruise line, supermarket or a high street store?  A few of my clients have recently asked me the same question in regard to cruising.  Some people have said they do not seem to get anything at all so what is the point?  Well for me, I do think they are worth it but only if you are going to travel with the same cruise line time and time again.  The more points, the more benefits.  Your points start from your first cruise so eventually (depending on the cruise line and how many points you have) you will have free gifts, savings, upgrades, exclusive sailings, etc.

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Is Albania The Next Big Destination….

albania port

Due to the political unrest in Turkey the cruise lines have had to pull out and look for an alternative destination, this must have proved quite difficult and a logistical nightmare, I’m sure. So where is the new destination that they all seem to favour? Albania! Being the age I am (no jokes please) I recall Albania been the last “outpost” of communism in the west and remember my own holidays to Corfu in the early 1980’s when if you did a island cruise you could see Albanian war ships watching you. Of course this has all changed and Albania certainly seems to now fit the bill.

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What Was Your Most Fantastic Cruise Experience Of 2016?

blog 03 jan nz

As were now all in the frenzy that we in the business call January, I thought it would be interesting to ask a few of my lovely clients what the most fantastic moment/memory was last year. It might help you decide what and where you want to go for this year!

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Happy New Year & Happy Cruising


Well, thats Christmas over folks! I hope you all had a smashing time. Now we are onto our last day of 2016 and all looking forward to what 2017 will bring. 2017 is going to be another bumper year for cruise, that’s for sure. We have lots of brand new ships due to be launched which is always exciting. From the luxury of the Seabourn Encore to the MSC Meraviglia and Seaside, the Majestic Princess, the brand new Regent Voyager, the new Celebrity Exploration, the new Thomson Discovery and the brand new Viking Sky – phew!! Let us not forget that RCL are also building 2 new ships for the quantum and oasis class, along with Celebrity and the new MSC Bellissima –  I am sure there will be more as the year progresses.

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Happy Christmas Everyone!


I love this time of the year. It is Christmas and my birthday on Christmas Eve too ( I wont tell you my age, but you probably know by now anyway!) It is the time we get to relax, eat and drink and meet up with family and friends.

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I’m Off To Dublin


Every year we staff at Cruise.Co.UK have our annual conference where we do work hard, honest! It also gives us the opportunity to meet up with all our colleagues some of whom we don’t see from one year to the next.  This year we are heading off to Dublin.  As you read this I will already be on my way. I travel down to Liverpool on the 14th December.  A few of us have a lovely meal arranged and a nights stay at the Crowne Plaza. Then on Thursday we will all board the Fred Olsen Boudicca for our 3 night cruise. We don’t actually sail to Dublin till the Friday though as on the Thursday we will be starting our conference whilst the ship is still in dock.

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