Brilliant News For Solo Travellers!


As a single traveller the majority of cruise liners will charge at least 100% supplement on a twin berth cabin for sole occupancy; this is actually double the price which in my view it is just ridiculous. It isn’t fair and it’s not acceptable and it’s about time most cruise liners understood that a lot of their guests do travel alone.

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What A Nightmare NCL !

STAR-At Sea 3 (2)

What should have been a holiday of a life time for one of my guests has turned in to a drastic nightmare. My guests are sailing on the NCL Star, for a 21 night cruise from Hong Kong to Sydney, they actually boarded on the 16th January.

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Fly In Style With P&O Cruises !


P&O have announced that for their fly cruises to the Caribbean, for winter 2017 and 2018 they will charter flights with Virgin Atlantic. The sailings will be on the Adonia, she is a beautiful ship and the smallest in the P&O fleet.

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Happy New Year Everyone !

I know it is a tad late but I just wanted to wish all my customers old and new a Happy New Year and a big welcome to 2017. A new year is all about starting a fresh and realising your dreams. So, let’s raise a toast to a Happy New Year and even happier beginnings.

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Merry Christmas Everyone !

Wow we are here again, only a few days away and it will be Christmas Day. Well I hope everyone is all sorted, shopping done and all presents bought and wrapped. This year I will be spending Christmas Day with my family, so no cooking for me, thank goodness. I will back in the office on the 28th December so I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone :

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A Well-Earned Break!

Well by the time you get to red this you will all realise I am out of the office till the 13th December, I will only be back in the office for 5 days which is till the 18th December. Then I will be off again till 28th December. This has been a very busy year in the cruise industry and I had not taken any time off at all, so that is the reason for my well-earned rest.

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Are You Ready For Black Friday/Cyber Monday ?

Well I hope you are all ready for Black Friday 2016, this year it will fall on the Friday 25th November through to Monday 28th November.

Maybe some of you might be thinking “What is Black Friday” ?

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British Airways Shrink Seat Space !

British Airways have announced that they are planning to squeeze an extra 52 seats on its Boeing 777, economy flights from London Gatwick in 2018.

Currently passengers will find nine economy seats in each row in the 777’s. But from 2018, there will be 10 seats fitted within the same space. The move would increase the population on board flights by up to a fifth and stretch current facilities further.

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Virgin Voyages Makes Waves In The Cruise Industry !!!!

Sir Richard Branson made a blow to the cruise industry last week, he announced in Miami that he is going to launch three new ships between 2020 and 2022, but with a totally different outlook than most. His brand will now be known as Virgin Voyages.

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More Bad News For Us Smokers !!!!

Holland America have announced that they that they are now also following suite of all other cruise liners and banning smoking on their balconies.

This new enforcement will come in to effect from January 2017.

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