Thomson abort landing!

It sounds like a scene from a dramatic film but in fact in did happen in real life! My clients were travelling to Corfu to join the Thomson Dream a couple of weeks ago when their flight got caught up in a storm as they approached the Greek islands. As the plane started to land to descend to land, they were informed by the captain to brace and before they knew it, they were going back up again!

The captain informed them that they had to abort the landing due to the weather conditions been so bad, he tried once more but again it was aborted and air traffic control advised the captain to land in Thessaloniki. My client advised that all the passengers were petrified and that it felt like they were literally been thrown around the plane. Apparently one of the air hostesses got hurt as she was jolted back in her seat!

thomson dream

It soon became apparent that they were not the only flight affected by the storm and the small airport of Thessaloniki was overrun by passengers whose flights had also had to make an emergency landing. After 3 hours in Thessaloniki, they were finally allowed to take off, narrowly missing the crew going out of hours! This ship waited for them and they were onto have a wonderful cruise!

I just can’t imagine how scary this must have been for them and am sure it’s many people’s worst nightmare. I can remember been sat on a plane taxiing to the run way in Florida in the middle of a thunderstorm and almost having a panic attack. Fortunately, the captain knew what he was doing and we went back until the storm had passed but it’s certainly not something I want to experience again!

Please share your stories if you have experienced something similar?!