Ruined by the noise!

Probably one of the most important things to consider when choosing your cabin location – will it be free from noise. One would assume that these days, technological and cruise ship advances would mean that this would be something that we would not need to worry about but unfortunately not! there are a few ships still around that suffer from engine and vibration noise although saying that, it is a lot less common these days!

I recently spoke to some clients who had just returned from a cruise, they would really disappointed that the cabin they were in was one of unlucky few to be struck by the dreaded engine vibration noise throughout the whole of the cruise! been a light sleeper, this really has a major impact on their ability to enjoy the cruise as you can imagine. But not only did they have the noise from the vibrations of the engine but also they were above the lounge so were also getting disturbed by the evening entertainment! They went to the concierge to complain who didn’t show a great deal of compassion and were advised that nothing could be done as the ship was full!

Unlucky or just one of those things? well you will be surprised when I reveal which cruise line they travelled with! You may all be thinking Fred Olsen who are renowned for having noisy and vibrating cabins on their lower decks but you would be wrong! It was in fact Regent! of all the lines, I would never have imagined that Regent would be affected by this problem and they weren’t the only ones affected – a couple they were speaking to had also experienced the same and they were on a deck higher! I would like to think it was a one off but it’s unlikely I know!


This is why it’s particularly important to study the deck plan before deciding on a cabin and not just the deck the cabin is on – Things to look out for are listed below:
1, What is on the deck above and below? are there any lounges, restaurants, nightspots that could cause disruption? Ideally and money permitting you should be looking for a deck sandwiched between other decks with just cabins
2, what is opposite the cabin? is there any spaces that don’t have a description – this could sometimes be storage for the cabin stewards so the last thing you want is to be woken by trolleys been moved around! ideally the best location would probably have other cabins opposite.
3, where is the engine in location to the deck? very unusual to be affected by this nowadays but still a consideration!
4, Is the cabin near a launderette? last thing you want is to be listening to somebody washing their smalls!

If you have been affected by noise when cruising, I would love to hear your stories!