River cruising – the next big thing!

it’s hardly a new concept to the cruise industry and has slowly been on the up for a number of years now with many passengers sacrificing their beloved ocean cruises to take a more relaxed voyage down one of the many beautiful rivers that world has on offer.

Notice that I say world? yes many people that I have spoken to about river cruising don’t actually realise that there are so many rivers that these smaller ships can travel down. Automatically people assume that these cruises visit European rivers such as the Rhine, Danube and the Elbe which would be correct, however you can also go further afield and sail along the Yangtze, Mississippi and the Mekong rivers.

In a recent conference, Giles Hawke chief executive of Avalon waterways stated that ‘he believes that river cruising is currently 10 years behind ocean cruising in terms of marketing and awareness’ which suggests that we are going to see an increase in advertising from some of the big river brands. Not before time I say!


I believe that this has come in just around the right time as many ocean cruise clients who have been cruising for many years are starting to get a little tired of the same old itineraries due to the fact that the ocean cruise lines don’t have much leeway due to their size, they just simply cannot fit into the more unique destinations – hence big reason why river cruising will continue to grow.

Although some river cruises can be more expensive (there are cheaper lines also) you do get a lot more included – most major river cruise lines have some or all excursions included and most include drinks as well. Due to the ships been smaller, there is a more intimate feel on board so if you like to socialise, it could be an ideal holiday for you! As the ships get further into the ports due to their size, you not only get to discover more of the destination but you don’t have to travel from port as the ship will dock right in the heart of the city. Not only that but you will get to experience more of the local cultures and traditions as many river cruise lines get the locals to come on board and provide entertainment,

River cruising is now one of the hottest trends in America, so if you fancy a new experience before it goes viral, now could be your chance!

If anyone has been on a river cruise and would like to share their experience, please feel free!