River cruising – the next big thing!


it’s hardly a new concept to the cruise industry and has slowly been on the up for a number of years now with many passengers sacrificing their beloved ocean cruises to take a more relaxed voyage down one of the many beautiful rivers that world has on offer.

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All systems go for MSC!


The cruise line has just announced that they are to make a comeback to Southampton. Long overdue in my opinion, others may disagree but I am a firm believer in value for money and I think that’s exactly what you get with MSC! The cruise line has always received mixed reviews, mainly due to its European influence on board but if your open minded, you’ll have a great time! I will be one of the first looking for my 2018 cruise when the itineraries are released!

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P&O to re vamp the on board experience for 2017!


I’m sure that this will be a change welcomed by P&O fans across the country. The cruise line has received a lot of criticism in the past few months regarding the overall experience. I have heard many negative reviews regarding the food, attention to detail and overall experience. Many believe that this is due to the company cost cutting and trying to save money to lower their prices but hopefully this is soon to change!

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Thomson abort landing!


It sounds like a scene from a dramatic film but in fact in did happen in real life! My clients were travelling to Corfu to join the Thomson Dream a couple of weeks ago when their flight got caught up in a storm as they approached the Greek islands. As the plane started to land to descend to land, they were informed by the captain to brace and before they knew it, they were going back up again!

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Take note Celebrity!!

One of my favourite cruise lines, in my opinion, the service, entertainment, added extra’s and of course the modern ships are second to none and I’m sure many people will agree. However my views have slightly changed this week after the cruise line came under fire from one of my clients who had just returned from a sailing on the constellation.

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Ruined by the noise!

Probably one of the most important things to consider when choosing your cabin location – will it be free from noise. One would assume that these days, technological and cruise ship advances would mean that this would be something that we would not need to worry about but unfortunately not! there are a few ships still around that suffer from engine and vibration noise although saying that, it is a lot less common these days!

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Passengers in huge fight on cruise ship!

I would like to say that this is a rarity but unfortunately this is not the first time I have heard of a fight on board!

the incident took place between passengers on the Carnival Glory which left Miami on Saturday. Pictures have been sprawled over the internet showing around a dozen passengers punching, kicking and wrestling. It is believed that a security guard tried to stop the fight but was unsuccessful. Carnival is renowned for having how shall we say – a more ‘fun loving guest’ but this really is disgraceful!

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It’s almost that time of year – let the countdown begin!

So the children are almost back to school after the summer holidays, so the next major event on the calendar is….? begins with C and ends with S Yes you guessed it, it’ll soon be Christmas!

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It doesn’t always pay to wait!

It’s a question that we are asked almost on a daily basis and unfortunately there is never a right answer! There are so many factors that Influence the price such as how many cabins the cruise line has already sold, where is the cruise going to etc. etc. but this varies every year, so what might have been a good time to book last year does not necessarily mean that it is this year! And this is the same throughout the tourism industry not just cruises!

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Fred Olsen launch kids club!

Well I never thought i’d see the day! yes it is true, named ‘little skippers’ the kids club will be featured on all 4 of the Fred Olsen ships but fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, the club will only operate during peak holiday times.

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