Excellent service? or maybe not!

It is very rare nowadays that you will travel on a cruise line and have a bad experience. One of the many reasons for this is the fact that in recent years cruising has become more popular with more people taking a cruise than ever before, meaning that every cruise line has to be competitive and keep their eye in the ball.

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Beat the January Blues!

Everyone knows that January is a tough month, with the Christmas festivities over, the dark nights still haunting us not to mention the Christmas weight gain and lack of something to look forward to, there’s no wonder that January is seen as the most depressing month of the year!

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It’s all over until next year!!

Well I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas? I certainly did! It was very quiet but we really enjoyed it all the same! My son had an absolute ball opening all of his presents (over 2 hours in total) and my house still looks like world war 3! But I wouldn’t change it, seeing the excitement on his little face brought tears to my eyes!

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Catch the lifeboat!

I was catching up on the latest cruise news a few days when I came across an article that really caught my eye! Royal Caribbean lost not one but two lifeboats in the space of 2 weeks! Shocking I know!

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Medical Mayhem!

So a few weeks ago, I told you all about how I had encountered a very high medical bill whilst cruising with Royal Caribbean just because I needed some antihistamines! You may think that this is a little over the top but after reading a report from the consumer magazine which? I am taking it upon myself to warn you about the huge medical bills that can arise!

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Vantage or disadvantage!

You will probably guess from the title of this post that I am referring to P&O and their ever changing fare policies!

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The big 30!

Ok so it’s not that big or so everyone keeps telling me! This week see’s the last of my twenties, as I will be celebrating the big 3 -0 on Saturday! I seriously cannot understand where my twenties have gone, but that’s just something that I will have to come to terms with!

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Do we get what we pay for?

Here at cruise.co.uk, we pride ourselves on customer service, and we regularly call clients before they cruise to make sure that they have everything in place and also after the cruise to see if they have had a good time and enjoyed the ship. Generally everybody has enjoyed themselves and cannot wait to do it all again.

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Is there a doctor on board!

Last week, I was speaking to a first time cruiser who asked me what the medical facilities where like on board the ship. I told her that there would be a small medical centre on board with a doctor who would be on hand if they needed it.

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Premium value fares! really?

Having read the latest information regarding the new premium value fares that are been introduced by P&O and Cunard, I’ve got to say I was left thinking ‘is this just another gimmick’ I really can’t understand how changing the name of the fare is going to retain people’s loyalty!

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