Naughty naughty Princess!

I was taken by surprise or shock should I say when I recently read an article reading the beloved cruise line Princess. My second favourite cruise line hit the headlines recently for apparently using a magic pipe to dump oily waste into UK waters!

I know can you believe it! It turns out that in 2013 an engineer on board the Caribbean Princess noticed a ‘magic pipe’ was been used to bypass the ships usual equipment and discharge oily waste into the sea! It was also found that fresh water was used to fool on board sensors! The ship was doing a British Isles cruise at the time and it’s claimed the engineer resigned and then informed authorities.

A recent investigation found the Caribbean Princess had been dropping waste since 2005 and its believed that another 4 Princess ships were found to be doing the same. The majority of the oily waste comes from the ships engines and is usually emptied and disposed of when the ship is on port.


Not only is this highly illegal, but is very harmful to our waters! Princess have since issued a statement saying that they were ‘extremely disappointed’ that staff members had violated company policy which indicates that the higher management were not aware of the goings on or are they just trying to cover their backs!

In all my years in the cruise industry, I have never heard of a cruise line doing something so wrong and going to such extreme lengths to save money! If I had of heard this story and not known the cruise line, there are a few companies that would spring to mind but Princess certainly wouldn’t be one of them!

It makes you wonder what else they get up to that hasn’t been found out yet. Personally, I think that the top bods higher up did know about and have just covered their own backs by pretending to be oblivious. What do you think?