Could it be time to take Christmas cruise in 2017?

I know you’re probably cursing me right now for talking about 2017 when we haven’t yet had Christmas 2016! but as we get into the festive spirit, it may be time to starting thinking about next year, especially if a Christmas cruise could be a consideration!

Just imagine as December approaches, instead of stressing yourself with Turkey and all the trimmings, you could be packing your case and heading to sunnier climes. The thought of sat on a beach topping up my tan on Christmas day really appeals to me! no cooking, washing up or having to entertain could be exactly what you need!

If you’re thinking it’s way too early, then you’d be wrong! Christmas is like peak season for the cruise industry and many people book more than a year in advance, so if you leave it any longer, your likely to miss out! To get the best possible cabins at the best prices, you need to be booking now or at the very latest by the end of January.


You would be surprised at how many clients call us later in the year to book their festive sailings but are left disappointed by the lack of availability, extortionate prices, or rubbish cabins. I mean no one wants to spend their well-earned cash on a Christmas cruise to end up with a cabin that’s how shall we say ‘lacking the Christmas spirit’

You wouldn’t leave booking a cruise for the summer holidays until the last minute so why should Christmas be any different! A lot of people are concerned with how ‘Christmassy’ the on-board experience will be. Well I can tell you that most cruise lines go all out and it will more than likely be a better experience than staying at home! Many cruise lines even have a vast from the big man himself!

So, don’t be a scrooge and treat your family or significant other to a truly memorable Christmas! Call now on 0330 303 8203 for the latest prices and availability