Take note Celebrity!!

One of my favourite cruise lines, in my opinion, the service, entertainment, added extra’s and of course the modern ships are second to none and I’m sure many people will agree. However my views have slightly changed this week after the cruise line came under fire from one of my clients who had just returned from a sailing on the constellation.

His complaint wasn’t with the ship, the crew, entertainment or the food, it was in fact with the shore excursions – well in fact it was more to do with the supplier of the excursions. On not one but in fact all four of the shore excursions that my client’s participated in, the driver of the vehicle that they were travelling in used a mobile phone held up to his ear without any hands free or Bluetooth device.

All of the incidents involved Italian drivers who seem to have no regard for the law whatsoever as it is just as illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving in Italy than it is here in the UK!


To say that this is an unacceptably is an understatement, shame on you Celebrity for risking the safety of your passengers! Tour operators have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers at all times and that all components of the supply chain must adhere to these standards! It is very hard to put into practice but this is a basic practice of supply chain management.

We all know that it would be very hard to coax an Italian into adhering to such procedures however tour operators have great influence throughout the chain as a large percentage of the tourism in the area is down to them!

My client did complain at the shore excursions desk on board but whether this fell on deaf ears remains to be seen! Celebrity, I really do hope that you are able to take some action against this!

If you have experienced anything similar, I would love to hear your stories!