P&O launch new Dubai itineraries for Winter 2019!

Well haven’t they just pulled it out of the bag! After launching their summer 2018 itineraries early, it seemed that P&O didn’t have a great deal left to offer for the launch period. They then however throw in Dubai and suddenly it’ s a whole new ball game!

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Mother disappeared at sea!

You may have read this article in the media recently – to say something isn’t quite right would be an understatement! Chinese born Li Yingei boarded the MSC Magnifica on the 9th February 2017 with her husband and 2 children for an 11 night cruise around the Mediterranean but has since vanished.

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Jane Mcdonald shows us her knickers!

Did you see it???? If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about ‘Cruising with Jane Mcdonald’. Aired on Channel 5, the series see’s Jane take different cruises including a mega ship, river cruise. After having 18 years from cruising, the series aims to highlight what has changed in the cruise industry since she was a crew member.

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Carnival announce their biggest ever ship!

Due in early 2018, the new ship that will be named the Carnival Horizon is the second ship in the visa class alongside the Carnival Vista. Keeping up with current competition the ship is expected to be very modern and contemporary feel and we will see many new ‘firsts at sea’ including an IMAX theatre, the biggest sportsSqaure sports complex and probably the most exciting of all – Skyride, ‘The industry’s first open-air, pedal-powered aerial ride. Riders will climb on board a hanging bike and cycle their way around the 800ft suspended track, 150 feet above sea level’. This sounds amazing and I, for one would love to have a go!

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First cruise line to ban over 40’s! How rude!

Yes you have read that correctly! would you believe it! although not technically banned, more discouraged! I had to do a double take but it is in fact true – luxury river cruise line Uniworld have launched a new brand designed for guests aged 18 – 40 only! The new venture will be named ‘U BY UNIWORLD’ It has been created in the hope of attracting a more youthful and modern experience and will focus on more on time spent on shore by providing more time in ports of call.

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Naughty naughty Princess!

I was taken by surprise or shock should I say when I recently read an article reading the beloved cruise line Princess. My second favourite cruise line hit the headlines recently for apparently using a magic pipe to dump oily waste into UK waters!

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Could it be time to take Christmas cruise in 2017?


I know you’re probably cursing me right now for talking about 2017 when we haven’t yet had Christmas 2016! but as we get into the festive spirit, it may be time to starting thinking about next year, especially if a Christmas cruise could be a consideration!

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River cruising – the next big thing!


it’s hardly a new concept to the cruise industry and has slowly been on the up for a number of years now with many passengers sacrificing their beloved ocean cruises to take a more relaxed voyage down one of the many beautiful rivers that world has on offer.

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All systems go for MSC!


The cruise line has just announced that they are to make a comeback to Southampton. Long overdue in my opinion, others may disagree but I am a firm believer in value for money and I think that’s exactly what you get with MSC! The cruise line has always received mixed reviews, mainly due to its European influence on board but if your open minded, you’ll have a great time! I will be one of the first looking for my 2018 cruise when the itineraries are released!

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P&O to re vamp the on board experience for 2017!


I’m sure that this will be a change welcomed by P&O fans across the country. The cruise line has received a lot of criticism in the past few months regarding the overall experience. I have heard many negative reviews regarding the food, attention to detail and overall experience. Many believe that this is due to the company cost cutting and trying to save money to lower their prices but hopefully this is soon to change!

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