Thomson Cruises becomes Tui Cruises, then becomes Marella Cruises, Confused?

12 Years ago Thomson Holidays included Thomson Cruises were amalgamated with Tui and after a while everything under that umbrella was re branded Tui, up to then I think it was pretty much self-explanatory however on the same week that we here on the radio and on advertisements Thomson is changing to Tui in the UK then we are told that Tui Cruises are now changing to ‘Marella Cruises’ totally confused me too, so I read everything you need to know about the change.

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Are you a Smoker or a Non Smoker?

You either love it or you hate it and everyone has their own views on Smoking, since the smoking ban became the Law in July 2007  in the UK in my opinion we have changed the way we look at smoking in public areas.

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To Tip or not to Tip

It is a bone of contention for a lot of cruisers to tip or not to tip and as all the cruise lines now expect the gratuities to be paid directly to the cruise company,  I ask myself the question who really gets the gratuities?

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Hurricane Harvey

I always get asked by new cruises about Hurricanes in the USA and the Caribbean and they really do put a lot of people off cruising over in those destinations.

Unlike hotels which are firmly fixed to the ground, Cruise ships are not and have the latest and most up to date weather reading technology that any Met Office has any were in the world. Lets face it they have to have this technology on board just like any aircraft as the weather plays a huge part of any passengers holiday.

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Part 2 of the Harmony of the Seas

Following on from Part 1 of by thoughts on Harmony of the Seas

We had purchased the wine and beer package but quickly realised that upgrading to the Ultimate package was better value for money from Cocktails to soft drinks, wine and beer they had it all, lots of cast ales in the English pub and really good quality wines from around the world, my favourite was from New Zealand, a Sauvignon Blanc Villa Maria that they served in the main Dining room, the food was outstanding there are so many eateries on the Harmony of the Seas you are spoilt for choice. My favourite place on the whole ship was Central Park, it has a lovely atmosphere and a really chilled out place to eat and drink with the Park Café serving American cuisine.

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Harmony of the Seas Part 1

Working as a Cruise Consultant has its perks not only do you get to experience amazing cruise ships you get the first chance to book the best promotions, in July 2015 when Royal Caribbean announced the launch of the Harmony of the Seas and that it was going to sail out of Barcelona I was excited to say the least, I had promised my cousins that I would take them on a cruise so that they could experience everything that I am always taking about.

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A little bit about me

Hi Guys,

I blog about cruises but I just thought you might want to know a little bit about me, I am not only a cruise fanatic, cuisine loving, Gintastastic Tudor home owner.

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The real deal on the Cruise Lines Drinks Packages

The real Deal on the Cruise lines Drinks packages

It’s becoming more and more important now for the cruise lines to either include or offer a drinks package. Speaking to many people over the course of nearly 9 years in this trade I would say that 75% of my passengers want the cruise to be all inclusive and include all the drinks.

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My cabin guide and how to choose the right cabin for you.

In my time selling cruises, I would say 75% of the inquires that I get the client already knows what type of cabin they are looking for, however the other 25% are made up of first time cruises or people that have cruised before but didn’t necessarily choose the right cabin for them.

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Royal Caribbean, how amazing you can now check in using facebook!!!

Royal Caribbean Go Strictly Digital: Check-In Only With Your Facebook Account!

I was lucky enough last September to join the Harmony of the Seas for a one week cruise around the western Mediterranean, its been a while since I have cruised with Royal Caribbean so I was mega excited. We arrived in Barcelona to me met by lots of Royal Caribbean representatives in the airport then a 15 mins transfer the most magnificent ship I have ever seen.

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