Venice is Drowning … With Tourists

The Truth is Venetians do not want to live in Venice any longer as their population dwindles with tourists often outnumbering residents, partly as a result of cruise ship visitors as the mega-cruise ships’ tens of thousands of passengers spilling into its narrow streets and canals, this mass tourism is causing irreversible damage on the fragile lagoon ecosystem and is endangering the environment of the city and its lagoon.

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Cuba Libra!

Last year the Hot New Destination was Japan, this year the Those in the Know headed to South America and it looks like the Next Big Thing in Cruising will be Cuba!

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Nightmare Neighbour Next Door!

Cabin neighbours are a bit like dining companions – it’s a bit of luck of the draw who you are going to get!

Maybe I have always been lucky and have never had problems with either, on a ship you expect children to make some noise, and if it was the odd joyful scream or the occasional slammed door that would be fine, however a passenger told me of his recent experience with the family in the cabin next door shouting, banging loudly, slamming doors and screaming until midnight, the first child woke up early morning and the doors were constantly slamming with no thought at all to fellow neighbours

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Are You A POSH Cruiser?

By this I mean do you always cruise POSH – ie Port Out Starboard Home?

it is always important to check your itinerary to see if there is a ‘good’ side of the ship to be on

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What Have Audrey Hepburn, Margaret Thatcher and Angela Rippon Got in Common?

They are all Cruise Ship Godmothers!

Every time a new ship is set to launch we still love to guess who will be chosen, Godmothers lists are like reading through ‘Who’s Who’ list for the Rich and Famous (and also not so famous)

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VIRGIN Make Ship Happen

You have to agree Richard Branson has got balls!

From Virgin Records to Virgin Megastores  to Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays and now  a huge leap into Cruise Ship design and the World of Cruising

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Even the Experts Get it Wrong! (Me included!!)

I have just returned from a 4 night cruise with MSC – my daughter loves cruising, my husband loves Italy and I like Prosecco so we thought this cruise would be ideal

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Should Vaping be allowed on board?

One of the biggest debates on any cruise forum is regarding smoking on a cruise – most ships are almost totally non smoking with only designated smoking areas on the exterior open deck areas and is banned from all public areas on the ship and cabins and balconies

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It Might be a Cliche BUT ITS TRUE…

….. it’s not how much you pay to get ON a cruise – it’s how much you pay to get OFF that matters!

I booked a Regent cruise for a passenger yesterday, he had not cruised with them before but was disheartened by falling standards of other Premium cruise lines so he decided to move up a notch and try it

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Ever Wondered What Happened to the QE2?

It has been big news for Cunarders this last couple of weeks as Queen Elizabeth will be moving across the pond to offers a series of round trip voyages from international ports that offer deeper, richer and more regionally focused itineraries.

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