Should Vaping be allowed on board?

Conceptual composition about quit smoking, man's hand extinguishes a cigar.

One of the biggest debates on any cruise forum is regarding smoking on a cruise – most ships are almost totally non smoking with only designated smoking areas on the exterior open deck areas and is banned from all public areas on the ship and cabins and balconies

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It Might be a Cliche BUT ITS TRUE…

….. it’s not how much you pay to get ON a cruise – it’s how much you pay to get OFF that matters!

I booked a Regent cruise for a passenger yesterday, he had not cruised with them before but was disheartened by falling standards of other Premium cruise lines so he decided to move up a notch and try it

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Ever Wondered What Happened to the QE2?

"At Sea - October 12, 2005: A life belt from the deck of the Queen Elizebeth 2 ocean liner operated by Cunard.  The QE2 was retired and no longer serves as a cruise ship."

It has been big news for Cunarders this last couple of weeks as Queen Elizabeth will be moving across the pond to offers a series of round trip voyages from international ports that offer deeper, richer and more regionally focused itineraries.

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Just Name It!


When you think about it the name of a ship is almost as important as the design of a ship to get that High Impact impression for passengers and Cruise Trade

Names are for life and are hugely important as they influence our imagination and expectations of what to expect on board and from the cruise experience

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If It’s Raining and Pouring Don’t Let it Be Boring!


It is your worst nightmare, you are on your cruise, you look out and it’s bucketing down with rain AND IT’S A SEA DAY!!

Your heart probably sinks, the thought of a whole day on board and not a glimmer of sun on the horizon but this is actually a perfect opportunity to explore the ship and check out things that you might not have even noticed

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Shock Threat of Extinction for Another Race of Animals


Love them or Hate them Towel Animals are standard issue in most cabins and cruise lines – or at least have been but there is real danger that these Extraordinary and sometimes Exotic creatures could be wiped off the planet and become a Mythical Legend

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Is it a Great British Stitch Up?


Do us Brits really get a raw deal when it comes to booking our cruises compared to booking in the US with American cruise lines that benefit from ‘Regional pricing’?

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Have You Got Great Legs?


Sea Legs that is!?

If you are a seasoned cruiser the chances are you have but not everyone can handle the ship’s movement and although seasickness is hardly fatal,  with symptoms such as nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting, it can certainly put a damper on your cruise fun

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Are You A Cruise Gadget Geek?


There are many articles online about What to Pack for your cruise, but if you are a really either Cruise Crazy or Cruise Savvy these are Must-Packs!!

This is actually a really good idea – a waterproof cover or case for your Smart Phone and Video camera then regardless of bad weather especially if you also have a Selfie Stick you can always take the perfect picture!

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Comfortable Silence


Earlier this year a major Indian Airline announced a new ‘quiet zone’ for its premium seats, meaning that children under the age of 12 aren’t allowed in those areas to allow business passengers a quiet family free area

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