About Me

I have now been at Cruise.co.uk for over 4 years.  I have worked in Travel for over 15 years and my last position before joining as a SPECIALIST CRUISE CONSULTANT was Assistant Sales Manager at a well known independent cruise specialist call centre.

I made the move to Cruise.co.uk because I wanted to get back to helping customers find their perfect Cruise on a day to day basis, and working from home meant that I had the flexibility I needed.  I am really enjoying the challenges presented to me on a daily basis and I am enjoying embracing new media as the industry grows and adapts.  You will find me approachable and knowledgeable about the cruise industry – well as knowledgeable as anybody can be in this ever changing industry….Basically I am here to help and make your booking journey as stress free as possible.


I live in Cumbria with my partner and my two amazing girls (14 & 7).  In my spare time I like to be out with the family, although being slightly outnumbered this can sometimes involve lots of clothes shopping.  I try to keep fit so frequent the gym as much as I can (I always check the on-board gym facilities, which are generally excellent) and I enjoy music (yes I know everyone says this…but I really do).

I hope to speak to you soon