Princess Cruise Line Go All Hi-Tech

Princess Cruises have announced their new Ocean Medallion sailings and offering customers and more personal and tailored cruise experience.

On selected sailings, instead of a cruise card, customers will be given an ‘Ocean Medallion’, at just the size of coin it can be carried in a pocket, worn as a necklace, a watch or a clip. The  One Cruise Experience Access Network (O.C.E.A.N)  will contain all of your personal information and will be used to open your cabin door, order a drink or personalise check in and shore excursions.
You can even colour code it to fit your personal taste.

PrincessMedallion copy (002)

This hi-tech advise will pair up with the Ocean Compass and all of your preferences can be viewed on your stateroom TV, on touchscreen monitors around the ship and even on your own phones and tablets.

It will enhance you cruise experience in many ways -my favourite is that whilst dressing for a show, you can order a drink and it will be waiting for you when arrive.  For families the Ocean Medallion offers a feature called Ocean Navigate. This helps you to give your children some freedom whilst being able to track them and see where they are on board.

Now, if you’re like me a a little worried by technology, don’t worry. The Ocean Medallion has been show cased at technology shows and here’s no screen, no buttons, and nothing to get confused by, it just works without you even having to think about it. You don’t have to charge it, monitor it, or even turn it on or off. If it’s lost or stolen, the owner or any crew member can deactivate it or replace it instantly. Princess have assured us that no sensitive personal information will be held on it.

Princess are not the first cruise line to go digital on us. Royal Caribbean’s latest ships are full of gadgets including the Bionic Bar which is staffed by robots and Celebrity have the Qsine restaurant where you order your meal via tablets. It appears that cruising is no longer the traditional, stuffy holiday option that people often think it is but is definitely moving into the future.

The Medallion is being debuted on the Regal Princess in November 2017 and will then be rolled out across further ships.