Anyone for Tea?

MSC Cruises are taking British cruisers seriously and have announced that British passengers will be able to vote on the brand of kettle that is being placed  in all cabins on board the MSC Magnifica.

Having a kettle in your cabin has always been important to British cruisers. We are people that enjoy a cup of tea in the morning and do not like having to call (or pay) for room service to bring it. I am frequently being asked if there is a kettle in the cabin and it is only really the British Cruise Lines, P&O, Fred.Olsen and Cruise and Maritime for example, that provide tea and coffee making facilities. The American cruise lines – Celebrity and Royal Caribbean do not.

Currently MSC do not have a ship  home porting in the UK and their European and Caribbean based  ships do not offer a kettles either, it shows their commitment to the UK market that they are giving us this facility and even involving us in the type of kettle being provided.

On top of this MSC  are also catering to our tastes with roast dinners and afternoon tea being offered, along with John Smith’s and  Guinness in the bar. I am hoping that they know that we drink these by the pint or half pint and not ‘small’ or ‘large’ as the Europeans do.

The 2500 passenger vessel will sail from Southampton but regional flights, car parking and coach transfers are all available for those living further away. She is offering 22 sailings ranging from 7 to 11 nights and sailing towards the Mediterranean or  up towards Norway and  Northern  Europe.

The ship has 5 gourmet restaurants, 12 bars and 5 different kids and teen club venues as well as the award winning MSC Aurea Spa. She will also be sold with wi-fi included in her standard pricing and at we have rates with and without the all inclusive  drinks package.

The Magnifica marks a return to the UK for MSC who haven’t had a ship here  for a few years now and with the research and thought that they have put into her sailings I imagine they will be successful and  we can look forward  keeping her here for  few  years. MSC offer a great value product that the UK cruise customer definitely deserves.

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