Will I be below the water line?

“Will I be below the water line?” is a question that I am frequently asked when selling both river and oceans cruises. For an oceans cruise this is a simple question to answer, as whilst the lower deck cabins are  numbered 1 or 2 and sound close to the water, there are always at least a couple of crew decks below, meaning that even on a low passenger deck you are still very clear of  the water.

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The Spacious Amadeus Silver

I have just been lucky enough to enjoy 4 wonderful nights sampling a Rhine river cruise on board the Amadeus Silver and I was blown away.

The ship was  built in 2013 and  is the first of 3 in the Silver fleet, she is classed as 4 star and German owned but sold world wide to give a great range of nationalities  on board. She has 78 standard cabins which are all the same size and being on the Mozart deck I was lucky enough to have a french balcony. This was different from my expectations, I had thought it involved doors that slide open, but on here it was a full sized window which dropped down to let the air in and allow you to pop your head out. The cabin was plenty large enough with lots of storage, we had twin beds and with double configuration you would have had more room still. With 25 degree heat the air con worked great too.

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Refit for the Independence – courtesy of travel agents

Royal Caribbean have finally announced details of a multi million pound refit of their much love Independence of the Seas.

The ship which is a favourite with UK cruise passengers and home ports in Southampton is being updated to come in line with Royals newer state of the art ships. However she will also have some features that are new to the fleet.

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Singapore Solutions

Singapore is now a major cruise port and the main embarkation point for exploring Vietnam, Thailand and the rest of the Far East. However a wonderful week or two of sightseeing and relaxing can be easily spoilt by the final day as unfortunately the majority of flights heading back to the UK depart late into the evening, often close to midnight. Whilst Changi airport may be large the thought of disembarking your ship at 9 am and sitting at an airport for 12 hours  is enough to prevent many people from travelling to this area of the world.

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“I wouldn’t sail with Thomson” – Think Again!

Thomson Cruises have made some changes in recent years and things are really working for them, in the last 5 years they have seen an increase in passenger numbers of 40%, with 20% being in the last year alone.

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I couldn’t afford Antarctica…..

Last week it was my 11 year old son’s birthday and I was stumped for ideas. He has had all the usual gifts over the last few celebrations and already has a phone to spend hours chatting  with friends via What’s App groups, an X-box to while away more hours and a trampoline in the garden to let off steam on.
He isn’t into clothes, music or anything designer and doesn’t really ask for much which is great but little help when it comes to birthday presents. ‘Another fidget spinner please’ being the only answer I could get from him.

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Exciting News for Fred Olsen Fans

Fred Olsen have just announced their first full river cruise programme, which is fantastic news for fans of the cruise line.

Building upon the success of the Braemar which has been sailing from across the channel and down the River Seine for the last couple of years, the cruise line has taken the step to charter the Amadeus Princess for 2018 and 2019 and will offer sailings along the Rhine, Moselle and Danube.

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Princess Cruise Line Go All Hi-Tech

Princess Cruises have announced their new Ocean Medallion sailings and offering customers and more personal and tailored cruise experience.

On selected sailings, instead of a cruise card, customers will be given an ‘Ocean Medallion’, at just the size of coin it can be carried in a pocket, worn as a necklace, a watch or a clip. The  One Cruise Experience Access Network (O.C.E.A.N)  will contain all of your personal information and will be used to open your cabin door, order a drink or personalise check in and shore excursions.
You can even colour code it to fit your personal taste.

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Anyone for Tea?

MSC Cruises are taking British cruisers seriously and have announced that British passengers will be able to vote on the brand of kettle that is being placed  in all cabins on board the MSC Magnifica.

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Amazing Cirque du Soleil

Last month I had a wonderful afternoon watching Varekai by Cirque du Soleil. This was a Christmas present from my parents and whilst most certainly worth the wait.

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