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Land vs Water

“Cruising is so expensive” – This is something that comes up in conversation from time to time especially new to cruising people, I always point out the pros & cons of both, but thought it may be a good idea to show you the advantages of cruising as opposed to Land holiday and have chosen the destination of –  Hawaii. –

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Sexy River Set For Take Off


Who says  River Cruising should be more sexy? – The experts apparently.

I’m not sure about that one but according to those in the know,  it needs to become more sexy if it is to grow to its full potential. 2017 will be the year it is set to” blast off” but the River Companies need to develop unique products, for example in the family or city break markets. River Cruising is 10 years behind the Ocean Sector. Yes and I think that’s good we can see what they have done and learn from their mistakes !.

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Hurray An Airline Has Seen Sence


Bravo to American Airlines- for being brave in making a statement and I for one relish it, they are going to be charging for overhead baggage on flights, this has got to be the best news i’ve heard in a long time.

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Celebrity Homeport for Dublin


What a fabulous piece of news  5* Celebrity Cruise will have a Solstice Ship based in the port of Dublin from 2018- They will be the first cruise line to have a ship based in Dublin, and to be honest you cant get much better than Celebrity Cruise.

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First For LGBT – Emerald Waterways


Emerald Waterways – The Manchester based River Cruise Line has launched the UK’s first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) River Cruise, who would have thought a River Cruise line would be so brave hopefully this will open peoples eyes now to River Cruising and realise they are not stuck in the dark ages, Good idea or patronising let me know what you think.

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Accessible Options


Facilities today  for clients with disabilities has improved in recent years thankfully on our major Cruise Lines, I have some options for you here and some of them may surprise you,  a wide range of Cruise Lines who are impressing me at the minute.

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Jade To Be Pimped

Norwegian Jade is going in for  refurbishment – NCL are going to be spending a huge amount of money on her before her debut  in Southampton for the start of her Spring & Summer season in 2017.

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When In Rome

So many cruise lines visit Rome and rightly so, it has so much to offer and oozes with history, I have visited a few times now both by Cruise Ship and also on a land holiday. If you are only there for the day on a cruise excursion the Ancient Rome Walking Tour is an excellent way to try and see as much as you can of the city & every cruise line will offer a similar package for you.

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Princess What Are You Doing ?

What is it most people who cruise have a gripe about? – Tips/Gratuities.

Always an interesting conversational item when pricing a cruise or booking the holiday, most Britts simply refuse to pre pay tips when booking a cruise, it is just something we are not used to and dont like, now if your one of our American friends you simply see no problem and get on with it.

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P&O New Wi Fi Packages

At last P&O have come up with some good packages on their ships with Wi Fi.

Last year me and my husband sailed on Britannia and the Wi Fi was virtually non existent and  with the constant  loss of connection it was something which really annoyed him, well now P&O have brought some new packages for us.

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