1960’s Conference

Its that time of year again where companies across the nation are preparing for their Christmas parties, Our company is no different. Actually that’s not strictly true we are very different and very proud to be.

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Black Friday What to Expect

Well Folks we are almost here. Santa is dusting down his suit and getting ready to grace us with his presence (Presents) (no pun intended)

As we approach the end of November that can only mean one thing… The Sales are starting unless your DFS (the sofa company) who seem to have a sale every week.

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Cruises sold by Robot’s Really???

At the time of writing I am currently taking a flight from London to Milan where 312 of you (our customers) will descend upon us in Lake Garda for a week post cruise stay (Watch out for My Lake Garda, Venice Blog in 2 weeks)

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The best Hotel in Cagliari Sardinia

Regina Margherita Hotel Cagliari

Having been completely spoilt by our Time in T Hotel Cagliari we didn’t really know what to expect when we pulled up outside this City Center hotel.

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Poetto Beach Cagliari Sardinia

Served perfectly by the Arst bus network www.arst.sardegna.it the Poetto district is located less than a 20 minute drive or bus journey from the Marina district of old town Cagliari.

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Off to Italia

Wow how exciting!…

As some of you may know my wife Eleni and I both work here at cruise.co.uk and we are have been asked by the company to go out to Sardinia and personally inspect and experience the hotels tours and transfers.

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Why Jane McDonald showed me the light

This week I have been catching up on some Tv as the weather hasn’t been up to much. As I never fully get enough of my cruise travel fix during the day I decided to watch back to back episodes of cruising with Jane McDonald.

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World Cruise for the Winter?

This week has been crazy busy in the office with the new P&O Launch about to go out to our vast database we have been flooded with Pre registrations for folks looking to get away from it all in the Winter time on early bookings for World cruises.

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Wild Alaskan Salmon!

Have you been watching wild Alaska on BBC?

I started watching it this week as like so many other people i am fascinated with nature programs

Thee first episode tells the unique story of the wild Salmon who from birth remember the very river they are born it. The swim miles away only to return in August to the very stream they were born in.

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Senseless in Seattle 

This week I was genuinely mortified when I heard of the awful news that there was a Murder on Emerald Princess.

 Confusion set in amongst the 3,600 Passengers as there was a murder mystery party which quickly turned much more sinister. Utah local Kenneth Manzanares has officially been charged with the Murder of his realtor wife Kristy Manzanares, 39.

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