Wishing my customers a wonderful Christmas

I know it is that time of year again, where has the year gone .

Wow where do I start so much has happened this year in the cruise industry and also on a personal level as many of you know but I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou from myself and that I really appreciate your continued support throughout the year. As you know this isn’t just a job to me that I am passionate about it is so much more than that and so many of you have become friends.
That’s what makes this job so amazing , the one to one personal service I give you allows me to get to know you on a personal level as it does you in me too.

I have sent so many of you on the most wonderful trips , South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand to name a few and it is fantastic to hear your feedback knowing that you have had an amazing time.

It has been an unusual year with a few hiccups to say the least on the way, with the collapse of Monarch, the devastation in the Caribbean by hurricane Irma and of course the typhoons in Japan that you may have been involved in.

We got through this year together and most of all more than anything else I know only too well it is all about us making memories.

It has been a privilege to read your rate my service comments which go a long way and to know that I am looking after you all the best way I know how.

I just wanted to wish you the most wonderful Christmas and New year. I have to say one of my customers has Christmas Dinner booked in Cinderellas Castle in Disney World Orlando with his family and grandchildren. Wow what a wonderful experience that will be for all his family.

Whatever you have planned I hope its just lovely for you.

As for me. I will be finishing work on the 16th December for the festive period. My 21 year old daughter will be coming home from Uni so as a family we will have plenty of time to spend together. All my Christmas shopping is done and that is nothing short of a miracle as normally you will see me shopping on Christmas Eve. Just need to start wrapping now, something I am a little impatient with but hoping my daughter may help 😉

Christmas day will be tough as the first one without my dad and I know I am not on my own as many of us will be having Christmas without loved ones this year. So I will raise a glass for my dad and know they he be with us in spirit.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I will be back in work for the busiest time in this industry on the 27th December.

For now Best Wishes as always

Holly xxx