When a Captain makes waffles for a customer on board………

A customer of mine recently returned from a wonderful trip around Australia and New Zealand on Voyager of the Seas .
A great time was had and then one afternoon by chance my customers wife who is Norwegian overheard a conversation by some officers sat next to her who were also in conversation speaking Norwegian. Of course you wouldn’t expect to travel to Australia and New Zealand and hear your language being spoken by anyone on board.

My customer introduced herself in Norwegian and a conversation followed. What was remarkable was later that evening an invitation arrived to their cabin to invite them to have dinner with the Captain the following evening.

You can imagine the delight to be asked to have dinner with the captain and apparently the captain himself is Norwegian so for him was lovely to have a conversation in his own language with fellow guests especially as there were only 7 people on board Voyager on that cruise at that time who actually spoke this language . So I guess a refreshing change for him.

Having dinner that evening was lovely enough, and of course enjoying each others company the Captain then invited my customers to have a bridge tour which they did and was a fabulous experience for them both.

I guess no one was more surprised following the tour that the Captains would invite them to his living quarters where he continued to make them waffles with his very own waffle iron. A delicacy in Norway I hear. So a lovely afternoon was had eating waffles with jam and cream in the Captains quarters.

The cruise was wonderful but made even better by the further experiences on board.

I guess you never know what can happen when on a cruise by chance.

Lovely to hear the story though and truly made their cruise.

I would love to hear your stories of meeting and dining with the captain on board. Many guests see it as a real privilege to be able to do so. I know I would.

I look forward to hearing of your wonderful stories whatever they may be whilst on board.

Best Wishes as always and happy cruising. Holly xx



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